A few quick tips for men before the wedding

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How the days before the big enterprise to pass as smoothly as possible


Well, it is time for the big step. You have already used a beautiful intimate moment and given the little box with the engagement ring. But as we know, everything has its price, and in order to get to the spectacular celebration with family and friends, which is exactly what the wedding is, you will have to pay your share.


I will not lie that it would be easy, but when following a few simple tips it could go fairly smooth and painless.


First – win the girls

Inevitably, your home will become for a time a place for modern ladies gatherings and hysterical giggling. Keep calm and confront the testing glimpses of the dear ladies and kiss your woman in the most romantic possible way with a strong sentiment. This will ensure peace in the future or at least until the wedding. Precisely at moments like this they are the mirror of your girl, she sees you through them, and such an approach will saturate the atmosphere with emotions. The reward is that you can safely retire with a beer in hand and the TV remote only for you.


The relatives

You will need to win the trust of her friends and relatives. There will be many gatherings and dinners in the company of her family. The most important thing is to act natural and be yourself. Be kind and considerate and be careful with the alcohol.



Mom can always help, she is always available and with dedication and desire will help you with part of the preparation of the event. No matter how much your girlfriend is close to your mother, however, the fight between them is eternal. Do not transfer any of your commitments to your mom. Stay strong and try to help without involving her.


The dress

When it comes to the dress you can not help with your male practice and logic. Do not even think that there is appropriate advice or solution to the problems shared with you around the outfit of your future wife. The only correct answer to all her onslaughts with a strong pathos about the imperfections and the imperfect clothing is: “Baby, even if you put on a sack, you will be the most beautiful in the world.” Try such a reply and you will not have problems.


The place

Selecting the location is not an unbearable and long endeavor, even if it looks like. Take it from the bright side: a little more walks after work and quality, varied food are waiting for you.

Keep in mind that she does not think that the road from the beer to the toilet is short and if the bridesmaids are in close proximity to your single friends, so do not even suggest it. It is enough to agree with pronounced attitude on the issue. “Yes, dear, and I think that this fountain does not fit with the vision that we both have.”

However, if she is satisfied with the wedding venue, she will provide you the choice of the bar.


The main thing is this. We will not intervene other ladies hysterical whims, sporadic sobs and inexplicable euphoria because you already know them well – it’s your wife. They are inevitable, but are treated with a box of chocolates.

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