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There are thousands of jokes about women who got married because of the money. But they are sometimes true. The woman needs her husband to earn enough money to support her financially. Women have the right to expect this from their husbands – the man should financially support the family. Nowadays, most women have a job. They claim that they need this and that they want to make a career, because it will make them happy. But there are also some women who don’t want to work, especially when it comes to working for covering their major costs. Some women work only because they want to be like “the others”.


Many couples have a high standard of life, even higher than they need in order to be happy.

If this standard was lower and it included a smaller, but comfortable home, the husband would come home after work for more time. His wife won’t have to work instead of taking care of her children.

Married women should be free to choose their job if they want to have one. But they should also depend on their husbands’ job in order to manage covering the major costs.

Families should learn to rely on the father’s salary. Some of them are only one step away from a financial crisis. If it affects the man, the whole family will lose everything.

A couple could live with one salary, perhaps not with the standard they want, but it is possible.

Men should realize that the woman’s need of financial support comes from deep inside her soul and is related with the respect she feels towards her husband. Men do not have this need. They find satisfaction in their capability to support financially their family.

Some men are not happy with the fact that their wives work, especially when they earn more money than them. The man wants to know that he’s the only one, dealing with the financial support of the family.

No matter of the capability a woman has to earn money, she usually wants her husband to take care of her needs and she thinks that this is the right thing. Think of what you really need, not of what you want. The things that we want, but are not necessary, could sometimes turn into our worst enemies.

Men sometimes work in such a way that they bring only stress and disharmony in the family, instead of happiness. Some of them think that since they are working so hard to provide the family a better life standard, in this way they win the love of their wives. But when a woman starts to feel ignored and when she realizes that money and work is priority number one in her husband’s life, she starts feeling bad.

In case the salary of a man is not enough, even with a careful reappraisal of the unneeded costs, then they should start working on this problem. Each couple has to spend as much as it could. The alignment of the budget might help you figure out where the money goes and what you could give up on.

A husband should realize the need of his wife for him to pay more attention to his family than his job. A man could be sure that if he spends more time with his children, he makes his marriage stronger. His wife will appreciate him and praise him. The time you spend with your child does not include its mandatory needs like dressing and feeding. It only includes love and respect.

What kind of activities could help a family to have fun and at the same time increase the love and respect? Here are some options:

● Horse riding

  • Reading fairytales to the children before they fall asleep

● Going to the church

● Teaching your children how to spend their money

● Doing some religious activities

● Playing “Scrabble”

● Sports events

● Family projects (building a dog house)

Show your children that it is fun when you are all together. Show them how to gain respect, encouragement and cooperation. Children under the age of 15, could easily take part in some family projects. But when they enter the puberty, some other things become their priorities.

Parents of such children could make them like an activity by conforming it to their interests. If you start with family gatherings while your children are still little, you will create a vision in their heads. Maybe the most important thing that men should learn is that they have to work on the children’s education with their wives, not against them.

When a child wants something, it should know that it would get permission only if both mom and dad agree. When children know that they could play their parents and manipulate them, they do whatever they want. All kinds of questions should be considered by both of the parents.

Sometimes men find it hard to spend time with their family. They are too busy with their job and their obligations. There are even moments when they prefer staying at work, instead of going home, because this satisfies their ego.

Every man should arrange his priorities. If any changes are needed, now is the time. The years pass quickly. Children grow up. Do they really know you or you are only the person who sleeps at home from time to time? Does your wife feel ignored? If you don’t make any changes in time, you might someday realize that your children are now adults and your wife is long gone. You won’t have the chance to turn back time.

The movie “The godfather” ends with the picture of an old man who is very rich and has many material belongings, but lack of love. He is standing there, in a chair outside in the cold. What’s the point of success when the big luxurious house is empty?

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