How should we dress for a wedding?

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One of the best moments in a woman’s life is for sure her wedding day. She has put so many efforts into the organization of each wedding detail. Everything is strictly prepared. When you invite your relatives and friends, you expect them to respect you and of course not to show up dressed in shorts and slippers.

Here is how to dress for a wedding. So, you have just been invited on a wedding and here comes the question: “What should I wear?”

You are going to be a guest of a wedding celebration. Except the gift problem, you have one more which is much more complicated. What would be appropriate for you to wear? There is such a wide variety of clothes and clothing tendencies, but what exactly would be most appropriate for you? Actually, you could use plenty of ideas. First, determine your budget that you could spend on this occasion. This will help you sort out the shops that you are going to visit. After that, you need to look carefully at the details that will suit you most. The invitation is one of the most important “little” details.



The invitation

It is the first thing that will show you the right direction. Look it through very carefully and see if there are any clothing requirements or the so called dress code. Some couples figure out what might be the perfect clothing for their guests and they write it on the wedding invitations. This is very good, because it eases the guests very much. If there is nothing written about a dress code, you need to look more carefully for some squealers. The place and the hour of the wedding can tell a lot about the clothing too. For example, if the celebration takes place in a luxury restaurant, you should pick clothing that looks very stylish and formal. If the wedding is going to be on the beach or in a garden, you could afford wearing something that is not so elegant. The first and most important thing is to choose a dress that looks simple and at the same time formal. I advice you to buy a dress that will give you the opportunity to wear it another time. The best option for clothing is the dress, but it is not that necessary. It all depends on you and your style. Of course, you could wear trousers or a skirt too.

The dress

If you decide to wear a dress, here are the rules that you should follow in order to look beautiful, interesting and of course elegant. Pick a dress which reaches your knees or a longer one, but never shorter. The V-shaped neckline is appropriate, but be careful with it too. It is not necessary for everybody to stare at your breasts. If you want to show your body, you could choose a dress with an open back. The asymmetric dresses are trendy at the moment, so you could wear a one shoulder dress. The thin shoulder straps or the no straps dresses are a classic too. The fabrics that are appropriate are satin, silk and chiffon, or you could also settle on laces. Refrain from tulle. You are free to choose from a wide range of colors. But it is good to conform to the place and the hour of the wedding. For example, you have a little black dress that suits you amazing, but black is not an appropriate color for a wedding. It is extremely inappropriate for day weddings. If the wedding is an evening one, you could wear black, but combined with an accessory of a different color. White is allowed, but it is not desirable, after all you are going on a wedding and you don’t want to overshadow the bride. Be careful with the bright colors, the best option for you is to pick something red, beige, blue, green, purple or citrus colors. You could also wear something with metal gleam, but without overshooting it. The spangles are absolutely not for a wedding celebration. The floral motifs are a good choice compared to the animal prints. But you should pick a dress model with bigger flowers, because the smaller ones look more like an everyday outfit. If you want to put an accent on the dress, you could use a ribbon or you could curl your hair.

The trousers

If you prefer trousers, pick such that look more elegant. Very fashionable at the moment are the ¾ trousers and the ankle trousers. The tight models suit the thin women more, so if you don’t have a perfect body, you should pick straight trousers. Trousers with an edge are a good choice. The finer fabrics look more elegant, so you should pick such for the occasion. Combine the trousers with a shirt which has a more interesting model. The transparent shirts are very topical at the moment. The classic cut of the shirt is also a good solution, but you should be careful not to achieve a boring combination if the trousers are simple. It’s nice to put an accent to your top part of the body, because the trousers usually look very simple and have nothing interesting on them. That’s why you could choose a top which has some interesting details – flowers, beads, one shoulder tops, or beautiful neckline.

The costume

The costume is also a solution for a wedding. The everyday models are not appropriate, but you could choose a business costume that has a fit cut and looks more effeminate. Very fashionable this season are the longer coats – men’s style. Such model could look very attractive in combination with a short dress. If you choose trousers for your costume, you should key them to the things we wrote above. If you select a skirt, it should be above the knees. The lighter color tones are more appropriate than the dark ones. A costume in ecru or beige is a great choice.

The accessories

Even though the accessories are very important, you should not go to extremes. They are always an irreplaceable addition to your entire looks, but you should pick some simpler and elegant accessories for the wedding. According to the etiquette, your purse should be small. The wallet bags or the envelope bags are the perfect option for you. You could add it as a jewel to your outfit. Do not put on much jewelry. Choose an attractive necklace or beautiful earrings. The big jewels are trendy, but they do not overshadow the silver ones. An interesting brooch is also an option, but you could also pick a nice textile flower. Something mandatory is the high heels. Even though, you should not overshoot with the height, because you will feel uncomfortable during the whole ceremony and especially while you are dancing.

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