How to turn the man that we love into a perfect husband?

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Do you know why men get married? You probably think that it is because of the regular sex and the children? You are wrong! Marriage is not necessary for a regular sex life and kids. Those things could exist without being married. Men get married because they need to be sure that they have someone next to them who cherish their love and appreciate them. Your admiration is much more important for your partner than the tempestuous sex. No man will push off a woman who values his intellect, wit, skills to repair axes or to play belote. Of course, he would find a light-o-love, but soon after he would go back to the person who appreciates him, loves him, understands him and approves his actions.

Remember: when a man is being encouraged, he is capable of moving mountains. Or at least do some vacuum cleaning. The surest way of making your man do whatever you like is not to murmur all the time or to command him, but to wait for the right moment when he will by accident do the thing that you want – for example to prepare the bed for sleeping in the evening. In such case, you should not miss to praise him.


Here is how a wise woman will try to turn her partner into a perfect husband:

  1. She never says to him “I told you, did you see what happened?”, but she always finds something good about his action. For example, imagine this situation. You are in search of the mountain villa of your friends and your husband pulls over for a minute. Suddenly, your car starts sinking into a huge puddle of mud. In that case a wise woman would say: “If we hadn’t stopped, we would have never been able to see this incredible lake!”
  2. When a man is angry and annoyed by something, a wise woman never asks him what is wrong and she never tries to find out if he is mad at her. She just waits until his bad mood is gone.
  3. She is always grateful that her husband has thrown the trash, ironed the laundry or washed the dishes… And she never says: “Nobody thanks me for doing the housework!” or “You did all these things for the family and not for me in particular, so don’t expect me to thank you!”
  4. She always laughs at his jokes and she never gives unwanted advices to him.
  5. When her husband asks her to do something for him, she never refuses to do it and she never talks about the efforts that she has to make in order to help him. She aims to save the good mood all the time.
  6. She never gives explanations to him about something that she has refused to do. She also never talks about that particular thing.
  7. She always takes care of the washing of his clothes.
  8. She always asks him what he would like to have for dinner or breakfast.
  9. She never flirts with him in front of other men.
  10. She always puts him before her children – for example, she tells her kids to move from their father’s chair, to turn off the TV…
  11. She is not jealous of his job, she lets him go on business trips and she never picks up a fight about the extra working hours.
  12. If he feels guilty about something and he apologizes to her, she just lets it go and she never ever talks about it anymore.


All these things are complex and if you want to manage to turn your partner into a perfect husband, you need to follow them all. Usually, the result becomes visible in three months of continuous efforts. And the maximal effect of all these comes in eight months, but it lasts forever. Of course, if you don’t decide to change your attitude.

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