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Here are some rules for a good etiquette and a refined taste for jewelry on the wedding day. The bride should wear simpler and more elegant jewels. She should avoid the unnecessary glamour, especially if the dress is in a traditional white color, pearl or pink. The main details for the appearance of a bride are the hairstyle and the dress. They determine what kind of jewels should be worn. The little, discrete diamonds are probably the best refined solution… What about him? What kind of jewelry is appropriate for the groom?


Here are some advises and options for the groom:


● The watch is for sure an accessory that is recommended for the groom to wear, especially when it’s a wedding gift from his fiancée. The watch should be refined, made of metal, gold is recommended. The leather straps emphasize the quality of the clock-face and they are also a detail that shows the value of the watch.

● An interesting option is also the pocket watch, especially when it’s a family jewel, because it looks retro elegant. The clothing could be refined, in the spirit of tradition, but it must be elegant.


Our advices and options for the bride:


● Diamonds are the most exquisite solution, especially when they are combined with simple and elegant earrings.

● Pendants are also a preferred accessory, but only in one condition – they should be delicate and small.

● Some brides choose to wear pearl necklaces and earrings. Our advice for them is to choose models with clear frames, in other case they risk looking tasteless. Very appropriate are the freshwater pearls. They are for sure cheaper than the traditional ones, but are more accessible. They are small and delicate – perfect for the bride’s neck and ears.

● Do not wear your engagement ring! You could wear it after the ceremony, but not during it. Take off all your bracelets, rings and watches and make some space for the wedding ring. It is more important, especially on your wedding day.

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