Marriage problems come unnoticed

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The euphoria of the wedding has passed away. You are a family now, but all at once you notice that your relationship is not as perfect as it was before.

Maybe, first of all you should think of the most appropriate moment to search for the help of a specialist. You should know that if the period that you have lived together before the wedding is less than 6 months, there is a real chance to ask yourself in a while “Did I make a mistake?” and “How am I going to live with it from now on?”.

Actually, there are a few indicators that might help you realize whether the things between you are okay or not:

The first place is taken by the problems with communicating. You should ask these questions to yourself.

1. Do you think that recently your partner hasn’t been sharing his problems with you the way he did before?

2. Do you feel sometimes that he doesn’t listen to you while you are talking?

3. Is he coming late from work?

4. Do you find him more silent than before?

5. Does he justify his sex denial with him being tired?

6. Does his behavior irritate you?

7. Has he changed his attitude towards your friends or your hobbies?

8. Does he prefer to be far from the family in his spare time?


If your answer to more than three questions is “yes”, you should realize that things between you and your partner are not going well. At this stage (if you would like to fix all these problems, of course), you could change some details in the “design” of your marriage and make it better. The problem is that usually this process of “emotional alienation” happens unnoticed and unexpected.

Hurrying up in the daily round, taking care of the children and developing in the career, we often do not notice the problems that occur in our relationship with our partner. At this stage, we can not talk about marriage crisis, but if we do not fix all these problems in time, we risk realizing that our partner is not the same person that he/she was before.

Do not wait for the things to become better in time without doing anything to help them be fixed. Do something!

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