The bachelorette party

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To do or not to do a bachelorette party – that is the question?


The answer is only one – and you know it. If you want to – you should have a bachelorette party. In time, the American way of bachelor and bachelorette party becomes very popular.


If there is going to be such a party or not, depends on how the future partners in life decide or on how initiative their friends are. We are sure that each bride has her own opinion and attitude toward the bachelorette party.


Some people think that they have lived long enough and they don’t need a bachelorette party. Others are so busy with the organization of the wedding that they don’t have time to arrange another occasion.


There are no rules in the making of a bachelorette party. Actually, there is only a single rule – the party is only for women. But sometimes, there are exceptions even to this rule. More and more often, the bachelor and the bachelorette party take place in the same night and both men and women gather together in the end. There is nothing wrong about that. It is even wonderful, especially when the future husband is very jealous. In this way all the tension disappears between you two. Some men are so jealous that there is no chance for them to accept a bachelorette party with strippers. And sometimes, women refuse to throw such a party only because they don’t want their partners to have one.


We think that the most important thing about this women’s night is for you to take a break and enjoy your time with your closest girlfriends. A short trip, a dinner and sweet talking, two days in a spa hotel – you could think of any kind of entertainment. In this way you won’t argue with your partner. You could relax and shake off the thousand things that you have to deal with. Isn’t this the purpose of it all? After all, you need to make the things the way you want in order to be happy. And don’t worry – everything depends on you and the person next to you.

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