The bride’s perfume – intense or delicate?

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There is no doubt that the bride should wear perfume – but how much? What scent will she choose and what amount of it should she use? It all depends on your taste and your preferences, but you should use the perfume in limits.


Have you ever been in a situation when you enter the elevator and someone before you has used so much perfume that you can’t stand the smell? It is for sure not really pleasant to smell such intense scents. This is the reason why you should choose a delicate scent for your wedding day. Actually, the classic aromas should be used very carefully. You ought to choose a perfume which lasts longer, so that even if you start sweating, you could still smell nice. After all, don’t forget that you could use the bathroom anytime you want to refresh yourself.


Avoid mixing deodorant and perfume, because the result won’t be very pleasant. If you decide to use two scents, don’t put to much perfume on yourself. A few sprays of the deodorant and a few drops of perfume on your skin would be more than enough.

The strategic points for perfume applying are the places of your skin where you sense your pulse – the inside of your wrists and the bends of your arms, behind the ears and between your breasts where the body heat concentrates. According to the French, it is necessary to spray the perfume in the air and then to walk through the place where you had sprayed it.

If you use too much perfume, this might make your guests feel discomfort. Besides, if your perfume is of low-quality, it might cause throat irritation and even suffocation. Pay attention to all these little details that could affect your wedding day.

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