The wedding bouquet and the buttonhole

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The wedding bouquet and the buttonhole – do they need to have something in common?


All the respect to every little detail of the wedding results in beauty, charm, style and perfection. The buttonholes are also one of the small details. You haven’t come round them yet? Maybe it’s time to consider them already. The buttonholes are carried by the bridegroom, the godfathers, the bridesmaids and the parents. Men attach them to their lapels, while women put them on their hands like a bracelet.

The tradition where men carry a flower attached to their labels is very old and is not associated only to weddings. Take into consideration that these flowers are always live flowers. A few years ago, the buttonholes were made only of white fabric. They used to be artificial and light, and some bridegrooms gave them not only to their closest people, but to all guests.

Pinning up the bride and the groom with a buttonhole is considered a symbol of their joint future. That is why, if you are superstitious, the flower must be alive, in order for your future to be blooming, beautiful and happy.


What kinds of flowers are appropriate for the buttonholes? If this is a symbol of the uniting of the married couple, then the best option is for the flowers to be the same as those in the wedding bouquet.


You are not superstitious? Then accept that from an aesthetical point of view. Think of how many flowers and decorations will be on the wedding. If all of them are of different kind, that will create chaos and nothing more. It’s better when everything is focused on one idea by transferring it on each detail of the wedding. If you would like a buttonhole with live flowers, the best option for you is to pick that kind of flower that prevails in the wedding bouquet.


You already imagine how beautiful it would be? The buttonholes with live flowers are made in the big flower shops. Do not order them in the last minute only because you have chosen their model. Ask the florists to make a sample. It might occur that the prevailing flower from the wedding bouquet is too big and doesn’t look well on the buttonhole. In that case you might have to pick another flower for it. It is best to order bracelets for the ladies. Their clothing is usually made of soft and tender fabrics and a buttonhole will not look well on them.


You think that this is too much and that it will be easier if the buttonholes are made of fabric? Even then you will have to key them to the model and the colors. At the past, buttonholes were mostly in white color, but nowadays it won’t be a surprise if you order them in another color.


Whatever you decide, do not leave them for the last moment. This way, you will have enough time to respond if something goes wrong. Do not forget that the fascination from the whole wedding always hides in the small, but perfectly done details.

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