Top 10 most bizarre wedding superstitions

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Every culture in the world has its peculiarities. We decided to introduce you to our brief ranking, composed of the 10 most bizarre beliefs about the wedding.


1. No matter where or how you will store it, according to some superstitions, dear newlyweds, you must keep a piece of your wedding cake at least until the day of the first anniversary of your wedding!


2. Here is another belief associated with waiting: Before you wash your wedding dress, dear ladies, best wait for the birth of your first child.


3. Interesting! If your future husband stumbles on the way to the church, he certainly is uncertain, but if he steps into a puddle – he will become an alcoholic. Observe him carefully!


4. The season in which will take place your wedding affects your future life together. Did you not know that? If you marry in the spring, this ensures happiness and prosperity. Summer brings warmth and understanding. Of course, it is not difficult to guess that the autumn and winter are not suitable for a wedding.Marriages concluded in the cooler seasons are considered perishable.


5. You go towards the church? Mandatory exit through the front door, crossing the threshold with your right foot. This ensures your happiness. If you accidentally mess them up, sorry your husband will be unfaithful!


6. You enter the church. Be careful to step once again with the right foot. And of those who enter with the left … Your partner will cheat!


7. When preparing the bed of the young lovers, the pillows are placed so as to touch on the sides which are the buttons. This will surely bring love for life.


8. Dear ladies, be very careful with your handkerchiefs in the church! They say that if the bride drops her handkerchief, then she will be a widow…


9. Another reason to be careful on your wedding day. Neither you nor your future spouse have the right to pass in the same way on the outward and return, no matter where you go throughout the day of the wedding.


10. Girls, of exit from the church, I hope your mother did not forget to break an egg in front of you because otherwise this squanders your chances of light pregnancy and childbirth.


As we mentioned, every culture has its quirks. Whether you will pass with the right or left foot over the threshold, whether you will wash your dress the very next day, or wait for your first child, whether you will put the pillows one below the other or side by side … There is hardly any that much matter if you have reached to your wedding day. Dear ladies, let your love fight with all the doubts and obstacles, this will surely be more useful than any superstition.



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