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Models, materials and do we need a bag at all?


  Do we need a wedding bag or not? That is a question that’s worth thinking of from aesthetical and practical point of view.

There is some clothing (including wedding clothing) that looks much more complete with a bag. The one that you have chosen might not be of this kind of clothing. You have enough accessories – bouquet, veil, jewels, gloves… If you are about to choose a bag, you must pick one that suits all these accessories and the dress of course. Actually, the options for a bag are not so many. There are only four kinds of wedding bags.


  • Envelope shaped clutch bag

It looks perfect when it’s combined with long, straight dresses. But! It has no handles. You should hold it in your hands all the time. That makes it very uncomfortable. It is usually made of satin or silk. It’s covered with the same material on the inside. It could be very simple and elegant or it could have only one extra detail – a fastener. If it is a custom bag, you could order the fastener to be made the same as your earrings for example or your husband’s sleeve buttons. You prefer something more unnoticeable? Then you could get an envelope shaped bag which has nothing on it and it has a simple design. The other option is for it to be covered with small beads, pearls or pebbles. But don’t forget to choose a bag that goes well with all the other accessories.


● Little purse with short handles

The bride could hold it in her hand or place it on her hand fold. Another opportunity for this purse to be more comfortable is to be made with a longer handle which looks elegant too. The more provocative ladies prefer handles made of metal. The classic model is made of fabric and is decorated with beads, pebbles and spangles.


● Bag-basket

That actually is the only wedding bag model that could hold more than one lipstick and a mirror. It is made of many kinds of materials – fabrics, leather, silk, satin… The handles are usually made of metal and the bottom of the bag is very stable.


● Pocket purse

The biggest advantage of this purse is that it could be hanged on your belt if your dress allows it of course. In this way, you will feel more comfortable and it will give you an interesting look. You could also carry it by wrapping its handle on your wrist. It is usually made of satin or silk (the dress’s fabric). It could be covered with various decorations like applications, beads, pebbles, spangles, laces, pearls, flowers and so on.


Sometimes the purse comes in a set with the dress. In some cases you could find it in a set with the shoes or you could just order it. In case you would like to order a bag for your wedding, don’t forget to combine it with the dress and the other accessories. That way you could be sure that the purse will go well with the other things and you will look amazing.

In most of the countries in Europe, brides avoid wearing a purse. You decide whether you would like to hold one more thing in your hands or you will give the things you need to your best friend.

In the wedding, there are very few necessary things. It is up to you which exactly you would like to wear. And the wedding bag is not really one of the necessary things. But if you think that the perfect bride carries a bag in her hand, you are free to get one for yourself. Just do not forget to be careful while choosing the right model.

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