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What kind of accessories do the future brides need? Various – according to what you intend to wear. Every bride wants to be beautiful, charming and irresistible on her wedding day. In this significant moment of your life, when you share your life with the one you love, you need anything that will make you look amazing and emphasize your femininity.


Of course the modern bride today could choose for her special day from a wide range of many accessories that would make her appearance incredible. But let’s talk about the gloves.


The gloves are not something unknown, neither for the ladies nor for the gentlemen. They are not only something that you need, but they are also of aesthetical importance. People had been enchanted by the beauty of hands through the centuries. They are a symbol of livelihood and love, of hard work and tender hugs, of human strength and human tenderness. The gloves are a decoration for the hands and hand clothing.

As you know, in the past the gloves were an important part of the courtship. Ladies gifted one of their gloves to their intended ones, in order to show them that they return their feelings. And as many of you had seen in the movies, gentlemen challenged their rivals by throwing a glove. In all over the world, gloves were an unfailingly accessory in XVIII and XIX century. They were required from all wedding guests. Every refined lady had to wear gloves every day. Nowadays, people wear gloves only when they need to. But that doesn’t count for the brides. They have to wear gloves in order to complete their wedding appearance by making their hands look tender and elegant. If you choose to wear gloves as an addition to the wedding dress, they will go perfectly well with your entire look. But you should be aware of the fact that if the dress is luscious, the gloves should be more elegant and simple. The short gloves that cover only your palms up to your wrists are appropriate for all sorts of dresses. Such gloves could be combined with a richly decorated dress and they will give it an elegant look without making it intrude. Ladies that have chosen a more simple and elegant dress could afford wearing richly decorated gloves with different and interesting ornaments and motifs.


Designers have created a various choice of gloves for the ladies who have picked this accessory. Officially the color of the wedding gloves is white or white, combined with ivory. Every bride has the opportunity to pick the color that she wants. On the market, you could find different styles and fabrics, and also a wide range of colors. Mostly, gloves are made of satin or silk. The ornaments could be of all kind, embroidery, beads, pebbles, laces and many others. The choice is huge.

The length of the gloves is various too. As I mentioned, the gloves could be short, with only one button up to the wrist, or long with dozens of buttons that reach the shoulder. Usually, if you stand by the length, you should be aware that there are some things that you should carefully consider. The shorter the sleeve of the dress is, the longer the gloves could be. If your dress has no sleeves or shoulder straps, the gloves should end right below your armpits. The twelve button gloves are the ones that reach the elbows. If you like this length, you should carefully combine it with your dress. This style is appropriate for dresses with a cup style sleeves.

The shorter gloves that have 6 buttons or less are appropriate for dresses that have longer sleeves that are adherent to the hand. Make sure that the sleeves of your dress do not cover the gloves, because that would look awful.


After all, the choice is all yours, whether you pick long, short or middle-sized gloves, whether they are richly decorated or not. The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable with them. The main purpose of the gloves is to make you look amazing and irresistible, and also make you feel happy and beautiful on your wedding day.

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