Wedding on the beach – no shoes, only feet accessories

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The happiest moment in every lady’s life is the time when she gets the so dreamed proposal for marriage from the man she has dreamed of her whole life. So there it is, you have the ring, feel like the luckiest girl in the world and now comes the time to start thinking of your upcoming wedding. There are so many options from which to choose and of course you have to discuss them with your partner. The wedding can be indoors or outdoors depending on the season.


Your wedding is going to be on the beach? In this case, maybe the nicest thing is that you won’t need your shoes on your wedding day.


Image: © Gina Smith / Fotolia

Everybody could say that there is something very romantic about walking on the beach on the sea shore. But if you won’t wear any shoes, this means that you might have to take good care of your pedicure. Yes, your feet nails should be perfect, not to mention your manicure.


One of the latest tendencies in this type of weddings is the usage of different kinds of accessories on your feet. It is all about different kinds of rings and “bracelets” for legs. They could be any type and they usually look like laces, jewelries and so on… Using such accessories is very appropriate, especially if your dress is not long. Then, these decorative elements are perfect for you. The accessories could be in different colors, but if your dress is white, probably the most appropriate color for them is white too. Some beads and crystals could be added, because they will look really glamorous under the sunlight. Traditionally, the Indian brides use the “Mehndi” art for luck and bright future. They literally cover their bodies with henna – an idea that could be used as a “tattoo” instead of shoes.

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