What should women know about men? Part 2

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Men need to shake off the stress


Researches show the stress is a lot more deadly for men than for women.

● Two times more men die from heart diseases.

● Pneumonia and influenza cause the deaths of men three times more than of women.

● Car accidents and drugs kill three times more men then women.

● The ratio of suicidal by men and women is 3:1.

● 30% more men die from cancer in comparison with women (cancer could be caused by stress)

● Men live 8 years less than women.

● Men suffer from more health diseases that are caused by stress like heart attack, high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.

Stress is something that annoys, threatens, worries, upsets and challenges the personality. These things, no matter how pleasant or unpleasant they are, encourage the human’s body to start running, fighting and searching for a way out. The crisis, caused by stress, is born in the heart, which leads to heart diseases.

The stress by men is a result of:

  1. their physics
  2. their carrier
  3. their family
  4. their incapability to share their feelings and express their emotions

When he gets home after a tough day at work, he wants to forget about stress and have a little break by reading the newspaper or a book. He needs to think about his problems and to figure out how to deal with them.

In case he can not find a solution, he will try to forget about them by watching TV, going to the gym or to watch a soccer game. By getting away from stress, he becomes more calm and happy. When a man is stressed out, he forgets about everything else and focuses only on his problems. He often becomes distanced and starts forgetting things. He becomes irresponsible.

The bigger the problem is, the more distanced he is likely to become. In such moments, he is not capable of paying attention to his wife or kids. The problems and the stress are the only things on his mind. His wife is so sensitive and she starts feeling ignored. She takes it really personal and starts arguing with him.

It is possible that he does not realize the way he is acting. A woman could live a lot easier if she knows that his behavior is something temporary and that it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love her. The caring wife will give her husband time to think it through and deal with the problems. She will stop talking right at the moment when she realizes that he is “somewhere else”.


Men need understanding

Francisco from Assize prays: “God, please let me understand people more than people understand me”. This purpose in marriage could be completely transformed into misunderstandings. When one of the partners is too busy with the thoughness of being understood, he becomes selfish and unsatisfied.

Paul Thornier, a famous Christian psychologist, realized the need of understanding between the married couples. He claimed that both partners have to learn how to understand what makes them complain, what they hate and what they like, what he fears and what he is concerned about, what he dreams of and what he believes…why he/she feels in a certain way. Such an aim could make one marriage perfect. Marriage doesn’t depend on how much two people love each other. It depends on how good they have learned to understand how their partner feels.

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