15 problems that only the engaged women understand

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There are problems that only one engaged woman can understand. Here they are.


1. Why are there 300 people invited, provided that I only like 10 from the people in question? Sometimes there is no way not to invite some of the relatives.

2. Nevertheless removing someone from the list of the invitees is like to make a ritual sacrifice. But actually it is not so offensive to not invite someone who you have not seen for 15 years.

3. The social networks for photos take up all of your time. You are constantly reviewing new and new ideas for the wedding.

4. You can not sleep because you think about the details all the time. Round or square tables? And what color to be everything?

5. You can not rent the place for the event because it is too expensive.

6. The fear that a friend can get angry if you do not choose her for the maid of honor.

7. Your mother turns into a monster that nags about everything. Relax, we have ordered everything, you do not have to make a cake and potato salad.

8. Everyone gives you advice on how to marry. It is great that somebody’s wedding was very fun somewhere, but there is no need all weddings to be the same.

9. The only person who has no opinion about things is the one you will spend the rest of your life with. Men do not care so much for the flowers. For them it is important just to have food and drink on the table.

10. You must select only one wedding dress. And there are so many beautiful dresses to choose from.

11. Not that you do not believe in the taste of your girlfriends for dresses, but… However, you prefer all the bridesmaids to be wearing dresses of your choice.

12. You check your account regularly to make sure that you have not spent it all. Weddings can be very an expensive luxury.

13. You begin to sleep more and more difficult. The worries are endless. Anyway, you will sleep on the honeymoon.

14. You feel stupid that you are worrying about everything. However, this is just a wedding, right?

15. The planning of the wedding is a casual reminder that you can not always get what you want. Sometimes the catering can go wrong and the weather might turn bad, but ultimately the most important thing is the upcoming “now and forever”.


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