5 myths about marriage

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Getting married is a hard step to take for many people. We hear all the time every sort of “truths” and “proofs” that marriage is an unnecessary thing which ruins people’s relationships and that “one signature means nothing”.


And what do you think about the famous quote: “No matter how good a man lives, he gets married.”? Not a long time ago, I met an old woman who told me that no matter how much I love a man, I shouldn’t marry him, because that will ruin everything. She gave me an example with her daughter’s ruined marriage and her cooled relationship with her husband. She said: “They all act very nice and kind, but after the marriage, they show their true nature…”

I studied the subject and convinced myself that as for many other things, as for the marriage, there are myths and legends that mislead young people to throw off the idea of taking such a step in their life.


Here are 5 of these myths:

The passion between partners goes away. An absolutely normal physiological change is not being so passionate and insatiable after a ten year relationship with our partner, as we were at the beginning. Our body and our mind wouldn’t handle it, if we are always at the crest of the wave. With or without marriage, our emotions cool down in time, but that doesn’t mean that they disappear. It’s a matter of will if you would like to keep the fire between you by interleaving your sexual life all the time. There are some people I know that are at the age of 60 and still have sex with each other.

The man and the woman neglect their appearance. That’s a matter of personal choice. Even though, it’s true about some people. The woman stops taking care of her looks and the man grows a corporation. But that has nothing to do with the marriage or the living together. The sport’s salons and the healthy eating are not forbidden for the married couples and it’s not right to make an excuse for your appearance with the fact that you are married.

Children kill the romance. That happens sometimes. While the woman is busy through the whole day with diapers and purees, and the man works hard, partners usually are more like allies than a couple in love. For a year or two, all these things normalize and the stress goes away. The more the kid grows, the more time could its parents spend with each other. And, after all, a child could only pull its parents together more than before.

Sooner or later, the man starts cheating. This thought tortures many women, even if their husbands do not give them any reason for doubting. This subject is very long, but the truth is that men cheat only if their wives allow them to or make them do it, even if it’s unconsciously. The same thing applies to us women. The marriage could be more of a deterrent than a postulate for infidelity.

A married woman equals a housewife. That has become a misstatement lately, because of the fact that today women pay attention to the office more than to the cooking. Of course, we should do the laundry, cook and clean the house, but that doesn’t mean that we have to and that men are not allowed to do all these things. It’s up to you to show your partner that you have no intention to do all that on your own and you want to share all the work with him.

And the next time when someone starts talking against marriage, just ignore them. Marriage isn’t something bad. We are the ones who make it bad by letting the free-wheel and the routine drag us along. In case you decide to get married, don’t be prejudiced and don’t ruin your pleasure with unnecessary thinking. You better make a mistake than miss your chance to try.

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