9 things every woman should do before getting married

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The wedding is something big. You bound for a lifetime. You find your partner, who will be with you “till death do you part.” Therefore before you take this big and important step in your life, there are several important things that every woman should check in her list. Here they are:


  1. Go on a blind date

The blind dates are slightly risky and very exciting. It is possible to meet the love of your life or someone you do not want to see again. In both cases the experience is new and you would have great stories to tell. For this it is one of the mandatory things you should do before you go to the altar.


  1. Find out what turns you on

In order to have great sexual experiences with your partner, you should know for yourself what turns you on and how you can be satisfied. Do not be afraid to explore your erogenous zones and to experiment. And when you find what drives you crazy under the covers, make sure your man to understand it. He will appreciate your sincerity and that you know what you want. And he will not have to guess which is also a plus for him.


  1. Create a life you love, before HE arrives

Thus when the man of your life appears you will be firmly on the ground. You will be with him, not because you need a man, but because you love him. Once you have created your own world, you are more likely to find someone with similar interests.


  1. Make a list

Each of us has in her head a list of criteria that must possess the perfect man. It may seem superficial, but this means that we have an idea of what is the person with whom we would be happy. For that write 5 of the most important criteria on a sheet of paper and try to find the one who executes them. Do not compromise. If he for example does not comprehend with your family and friends, but for you this is very important, better consider your relations with him before you make a big mistake.


  1. Learn to be alone without being lonely…

Marriage means two individuals to be connected in one. For that it is very important before you walk to the altar, to be independent. Learn how to be alone with yourself, without that to scare you or make you feel lonely and rejected. The time you devote to yourself can be one of the most enjoyable. You can pamper yourself with a manicure, read your favorite book or cook your favorite dish. And all this just for you.


  1. Yet make room and for your relationship

When you feel ready for a relationship, it will immediately become clear and you will certainly not suffer from lack of admirers and candidates for boyfriends. Once you have created a life that you love, it is difficult to accept the change that imposes a new relationship. It is however important to allow the chosen one to come into your life and be a part of it. Otherwise, it will not last long.


  1. Learn how to manage your finances

Perhaps you have dealt with the management of your personal finances when you were single, but things are in a different way when you have a partner. It is therefore important to understand how you will distribute your finances with the man with whom you will share your life before you have said “yes”.


  1. The scandals

Before you marry someone, you must have passed through the good and through the worst moments (because in life there are lots of both). If your relationship has survived even the worst scandals before the covenantal “yes”, then you can safely take this step knowing that your relationship is strong enough and stable even during the storms.


  1. Talk about your future

True love is when two people are looking in one direction, not at each other. It is therefore important to discuss with your future husband what your plans are for the near and distant future. If both of you have similar goals and desires, this is great, do not be afraid to indulge your lives to one another. But in the conversation might appear differences that are of major significance and should be considered before it is too late.

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