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Every wedding has its specific accessories, no matter of the style that it’s in. The accessories for the bride are usually well known, but there is not a lot of information about the ones for the bridegroom. These accessories are as important as the bride’s ones. No matter how exciting the arrangements for a wedding are, we should focus on the bridegroom too.



If up until a number of years ago, a bridegroom was mostly dressed in a suit, it is no longer the same. There are so many kinds of tuxes, costumes and national traditional clothing for the groom, that nowadays the choice for the wedding’s outfit is very hard. More and more often, different colors and plenty of models for the clothing are being chosen from the grooms. But what’s most important is for the groom’s clothing to be appropriate for the wedding’s theme and to go well with the bride’s dress. And while the smoking or suit are the most common choices for a groom’s clothing, in some regions people prefer more unusual clothing for their wedding. For example if the wedding is on the beach and its style is Hawaiian, the bridegroom might wear shorts and a shirt.



There is a wide range of ties, bow-ties, scarves, collars and many other accessories which could take the place of an ordinary tie. If you are going to wear a tie, the best option for it is to be combined with a suit, while the smoking could be combined with a bow-tie. The white tie is more appropriate for official ceremonies, while the black one is for more formal ones. Of course, you could also wear ties of different colors, but only if they fit with the wedding’s theme.



The buttons for the sleeve-protectors are the most common accessory that finishes the entire outfit. You could use classic square buttons made from silver, but of course you could express yourself with something more colorful and interesting by getting buttons with your favorite number or your favorite car mark. Many jewelers will agree to make such buttons for you.



Many people think that there is not enough choice for men’s wedding shoes, but that’s not absolutely true. If some bridegrooms prefer traditional wedding shoes, simple and elegant, made of patent leather, there are also people who are willing to wear shoes that look original and unique.


If you have hard time finding the perfect clothing and accessories for your wedding, you could always hire a wedding agency that will not only plan and organize your wedding, but it also will help you to make the right choice for your appearance on the wedding day.


After all, it doesn’t matter if you are wearing a smoking, jeans or something more unusual. What’s more important is to feel perfect on your wedding day and celebrate it in the right way – by enjoying it and having fun.


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