Are you ready to live together?

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The questions you need to answer


If you are already discussing with your partner whether to live together, it is a good idea to first answer 10 basic questions and then make the decision.


If you are not quite ready for that commitment and act spontaneously, you may go wrong with this move and then regret it bitterly.


Studies show that the relationship can last up to eight years longer, if the spouses have lived together under one roof before getting married.


Experts say you have to give a fair answer “yes” to at least seven of these questions, otherwise your relationship may be doomed:


  1. Does the woman press the husband for cohabitation?


If you pursue your partner and make him even live together, and he is not sure about this step, your relationship may not last long. According to the researchers, and from an evolutionary point of view, men are the ones who have to pursue the woman, including in terms of living under one roof.


  1. Does the woman initiate the negotiations of living together?


If the man avoids the subject initiated by the woman, namely, living under one roof, this is a bad sign. Normally, if a man wants such a thing, he will not slow the pace of developing his relationship with this woman.


  1. Is the man serious about the relationship?


Living together is often the first step before the serious commitment called marriage. Many couples start living under the same roof as a “test” to see if things are going to happen between them. So before moving to live together, ask yourself if he is serious about you and thinks about your future together.


  1. Have you met your parents?


If you have not yet met the parents of your beloved, it is too early to think about moving forward in your relations with him. The same applies if he does not know your mother and father, and if your parents do not know each other. Sometimes it is physically impossible for these meetings to be organized if people live far away from each other (in different cities or countries). At least you can get acquainted (thanks to technology) with a video chat.


  1. Does he make you romantic gifts?


Men in love do not forget the birthday of their beloved ones and make presents to them with and without a special occasion. This may not seem very important to you, but it is. Live with a man who really loves you and is not afraid to show it.


  1. Can we afford to live on our own?


If you move with your mate under one roof, only you and he will have to think about accounts and households, which is not very romantic. It is good to have the financial ability to cover your expenses as a couple and not to rely on your parents for that.


  1. Are you scared of the “lack of independence”?


Here you have to answer “no” and then think about moving with your mate in one apartment. Some people hold too much of their independence, and living under one roof with someone frightens them precisely because they will have to spend all their free time with this man. If you think a lot about this problem, maybe it is too early for such cohabitation.


  1. Will my life become easier?


It is good to weigh in advance the pros and cons before you actually live under one roof with your partner in order to prepare yourself for the surprises. Still, think about whether this step will make your life really better – you will be together every day, you will deal with the difficulties together, and so on.


  1. Do I see life after five years with this man?


You must be convinced of the common future with a person before you decide to live with him / her. Concentrate not on your needs but on your goals and dreams that you both have and whether they can run in parallel. If you are still seeing this man after five years, then you are looking in one direction and that is a good sign.


  1. Do I respect this man?


Love can come and go, but if you and your partner respect and like each other as personalities, you will feel good together for a lifetime. Partners who respect each other have better communication and understanding and fewer conflicts and problems. They rely on each other much more and help each other.

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