Brides reveal the greatest disappointment of their wedding day

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The wedding day is an event that you remember all your life, but some brides remember it for unpleasant reasons. A few of them decided to share the biggest mistakes they made at their wedding.


One of the brides regretted allowing children to attend – “They kept interrupting the ceremony, they kept breaking things and stained my husband’s suit.”


Weddings are usually expensive, but there are a few things you should not save from, and one of them is the good photographer: “We found a very cheap photographer … and this is evident from the pictures. I wish I had chosen an expensive photographer with a great portfolio, not one with acceptable pictures. ”


Some time ago a bride from Singapore shared her personal story with a cheap photographer. She and her husband signed a contract with a wedding company, which provided a photographer. The pictures turned out to be more than tragic, but after the tears, the couple decided to look at the situation from its entertaining side and uploaded some of the pictures to the social networks so as and other people to laugh at them.


The pictures are the problem of another bride: “We have many nice photos from the wedding, but everywhere you see people with phones that shoot instead of having fun. Besides, you can not see their faces on the pictures because of the phones. ”


Another bride regrets her choice of bridesmaids: “My sister, who was my maid of honor, was too busy arranging the wedding … and none of the bridesmaids ever thought of organizing a bachelorette party. And I had even bought their dresses and paid for their make-up. ” She also regrets the number of guests – 150 people, many of whom left as soon as they finished eating.


The bad DJ is a common disappointment. Other brides regret that they did not hire a man to shoot their wedding and make a video because the memories fade over time.


Another disappointment is that they did not bring boxes for leftover food because guests could take their part of the cake home.



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