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The wedding bouquet. For the ancient Greeks and Romans, the bouquet was a mixture of garlic, herbs and grains. The garlic was meant to protect from evil spirits, the herbs and the grains were to provide fertility. In ancient Poland, it was believed that if the wedding bouquet was sprinkled with sugar, it will sweeten the wedding day and the couple’s family life.


The wedding cake. The cake has always played the capital role of the wedding celebration. The ancient Romans broke the cake over the bride’s head in order to symbolize fertility and abundance. Some other cultures put wheat, flour or cake on the bride’s head and then ate the rest of it. The British had a tradition to give cookies to all wedding guests. In the Middle Ages, the guests brought little cakes to the wedding celebration and put them on a separated table – the bride and the groom stood on both sides of the table and kissed each other. A young baker decided to unite all the small cakes and this is the way the idea of a multiple layer wedding cake was born.


The dress. Traditionally, brides wore white wedding dresses. In XVIII century, brides put on their most beautiful dress on their wedding day. In the Middle Ages, red was the main color for wedding dresses. Some brides wore different colored dresses – blue meant constancy and green – youth. In time, white earned the title – clarity. Nowadays, white is a symbol of the wedding and it is worn even by brides that are not getting married for the first time.


Honey moon. The groom used to kidnap the bride and hide her from her family and the whole town. The bride and the groom spent a month together and drank mead in order to keep the love between them burning. Here is how the inscription “honey moon” was created. Nowadays, honey moon is the time after the wedding when the newly married couple isolate themselves from the entire world and spends some time alone with each other.


The kiss. The first kiss that the partners share with each other in the end of the wedding ceremony, has a special meaning through the centuries. Many cultures believe that the spirits of the bride and the groom become one with the first kiss.


The ring. The wedding ring is traditionally worn on the ring finger on the left hand, because it is believed that there is a vain, which is connected directly to the heart. Among the English speaking cultures, the wedding ring continues to be worn on this finger.


The veil. Mystery and romance hide behind the veil for a thousand years. At first, the veil served as a protection for the bride from potential dangers. The more romantic interpretation is that the hidden things are more valuable and the bride’s face is more valuable when it’s hidden under the veil. The veil is also a symbol of youth and clarity.

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