Early marriage means less stress

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A new research has discovered that there is a tendency among men and women in America which shows that the more marriage and pregnancy are being postponed, the more stressful life becomes.

The research was conducted by Susan Bianchi, a professor of psychology in the Californian University in Los Angelis.

Despite of the dramatic postpones of the legal marriage and the growing proclivity of living together, scientists assumed that the middle age for the first marriage of couples is 28 (men) and 26 (women). The later marriage leads to three things that happen at the same time – taking care of the children, developing career and helping your parents. Postponing your marriage and creating a family later than normal, might increase the possibility of having hard time in your career development. That’s because of the fact that you should raise your children and at the same time develop your career, which actually is quite difficult. Bianchi also claims that the later pregnancy might cause discomfort to your children, because you might get sick when you get older, but in that time your children probably won’t be ready yet to take care of you.

Researchers also discovered that about 74% of the working mothers with a partner, who works full time, have too little time for each other. 73% say that they don’t have enough time for their partners and 44% say that they spend too little time with their children.

Working mothers claim that they usually give their free time to their children and even their time for sleeping. They do that to help them with their needs – homework for example.

Most of the mothers, no matter what their position in life is, say that they are always at top speed and they always have something to do. They claim that they have no time for themselves.

Among men who work full time, 58% say that they do not have enough time for their kids, 62% say that they do not spend much time with their partners and 58% have no time for themselves.

“Men continue to be more preferred at work than women. Some realize, while others don’t, that they have the opportunity to work extra hours. Men who have chosen to work more and overtime, often become a reason for women to decrease their working time. Someone should focus on the family more than on the work. One of the most busy and intensive periods in people’s life will always be the raising of the children.” – says Bianchi.

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