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The tradition says – something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue… and why not something eco? In the world’s wedding industry, for a long time the eco weddings or the so called “Green weddings” exist. We are living in a dirty environment and we are surrounded by so many products that require decades to be entirely wrecked. Begin your family life with the one you love and with the thought of a better world for you and your inheritors. If you choose the eco motto for your wedding, your wedding celebration could become something original, unforgettable and modern. The idea of a green wedding might occur a good example for the invited couples that are about to get married in the future. The eco wedding suggests the usage of natural recycling materials and also an organization which is eco-friendly and saves the environment from litter and noxious emissions. In the summer of 2007 in Rome, took place the first eco wedding. The wedding invitations were sent by email. The menu contained bio products from a local farm. Instead of going on a honey moon, the newly married couple planted trees in a forest in Costa Rica. Wouldn’t you like to do something good for the environment?


Here are some practical advices for an eco-friendly wedding:


Number of guests

Reduce the number of guests. It’s nice to invite all the people who would like to share the happiness on that big day with you, but you should know that the more guests you invite, the more food and resources you would need, and the more litter and noxious emissions would go into the environment.


A garden or a forest is the most appropriate location for an eco wedding

Let’s start with the place. As the wedding is eco, the best location for the celebration is outdoors – in the garden of a restaurant, on a lawn or in a small forest. There is no doubt that the most appropriate season for the eco weddings is the summer. If you want the wedding to be even more eco-friendly, you might organize the entire wedding day in the same place – the church marriage ceremony and the marriage before the register. If both ceremonies are made in the same place, that will reduce the amount of noxious gases in the atmosphere.


The dress

We advice you to choose natural materials for your dress – organic cotton and organic silk are the best solutions.


The perfect eco wedding invitations

If you would like paper invitations for your wedding, be sure that they are hand-made and that the paper is recycled. The most eco-friendly invitations are the ones that are being sent by email. In this way, you save a lot of trees.


Eco wedding menu

Use season vegetables and meat from the local industry. It is also better if the drinks are from a local producer too. And why not a fruit desert instead of a cake?


Eco wedding decoration

Here comes our favorite part – the wedding decoration. Of course, it all should be made of natural materials. The candles should be from beeswax. The dishes should be ceramic. And there should be live flowers in pots on the tables. You could give these flowers to your guests after the wedding celebration. If you want to make the decoration with cut flowers, you should make sure that they are season flowers and that they are from local producers. Or the other option is to pick them yourself from a lawn or a garden. In this way you avoid their transporting from another country.


Eco gifts for the guests

Here, you could use your imagination, because you have many options. Here are some practical and useful ideas from us – mini jars of bio honey or homemade jam; pockets with seeds; scented bag with lavender; mini flower pot; scented soap; mineral bathtub salts; cactus in a capsule (the modern ones) and many other interesting gifts.


Eco honey moon

If you want your honey moon to be in line with the wedding, you need to figure an activity that will be as eco as the wedding. We suggest you to choose eco tourism. Be close to nature. You could go mountain hiking, ride a bicycle, horse riding, go on a boat trip, or if you like adventures – go water rafting. Your honey moon also could be eco-friendly if you choose a close destination for it.


Wouldn’t you feel better if you knew that not only your wedding was the happiest day of your life, but also it had helped for the saving of so many trees, the reducing of so many garbage and noxious emissions? You could be sure that you have done something very important and good for the entire world, and you should know that you have given a great example to your guests.


Let’s go GREEN!

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