Honeymoon – history and tips

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In the past, the first wedding night was a method of checking for many newlywed couples – it could go well or bad.

The famous Victor Hugo (1802-1885) must have shaken from fear of the first marriage night with his wife, Adela Foucher. It is believed that up to this first night, the great French genius was a virgin! But it is also believed that, despite his insecurity, he has reaped a great success, making love nine times.


But to be honest – the first wedding night is the worst of all for the newlyweds. The tension gathered before, during and after the wedding will surely affect you. Either way, do not forget to put a door plaque with the inscription “Do not disturb”. After waking up the next day you will look at things differently. Rested and married to start your honeymoon.


You have already considered the honeymoon trip, right? If this is not the case, be calm because in the next lines we will give you some tips for your perfect honeymoon.


After the stress of the wedding, you suddenly come to a place of paradise. It is difficult to perceive! But do not be afraid, this is also a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other if you have not lived together. And in case you have lived together so far, this is an opportunity to stay away from the everyday life. You are finally, alone!


Going on a trip is not about getting tired of visiting and going around different places. Relax, take a day off, even though you are on vacation. There is nothing better than spending 24 hours without going out of the hotel room! Breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed, dancing, TV…


They say that when the Teutons came to marry, they kidnapped a girl from the neighboring village. While the two were hidden somewhere, they fed for 30 days only with water and honey (they believed that this mixture had aphrodisiac properties). This is the time during which the moon passes through its four phases. If no one finds them at this time, they can come out without fear that someone would separate them, because it was believed that the bride had become pregnant for that time. From that comes the expression “honeymoon” – a ritual that marks the beginning of a common life.


According to tradition, this is the first trip as a family and one of the most important memories after the wedding. Therefore, it does not matter whether your first vacation together will be 3, 4 or 30 days, the important thing is these days to be unique and unforgettable. To experience the ultimate happiness, and above all, if you do not want to start arguing a few days after the wedding, everything must be planned in advance. You will have time to organize and peacefully resolve all the details.


How to choose the perfect place?


The most important task for the newlyweds is to choose the destination and type of trip they both want. Some prefer paradise islands where to rest and bake in the sun; others to take advantage of the opportunity to carry out a dream journey and experience an adventure; and others want to do cultural tourism.

Whatever the type of your trip, the most important thing is the organization, a lot of information and advice from travel agencies or a friend who has traveled a lot. Check the weather forecast for the place you have chosen and secure yourself with clothes for every occasion. Make an insurance and the necessary vaccines to travel at minimal risk.

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