How to avoid the boredom in family life?

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A few advices for the couples with longer experience.

In the course of time, every married couple walks into the trap of fatigue and boredom. The bigger the family experience is, the more probable is for boredom to overtake you. Fatigue has stroke your relationship down and you are now fed up of all the fights and quarrels. You feel sorry for yourself and your partner’s presence does not make you happy anymore. You feel like you have picked the wrong person to spend your life with and you feel tired of fighting for your relationship.

But… there is still hope. You just have to stop things from flowing on the course and make something to save your marriage on time. So…

1. Do not turn into a stay-in-home person. Taking care of your home all day long and the routine life kill all the romance and ruin your relationship. Change the scene more often, go out with friends and go to dinners. Expand the circle of your usual activities. Go to the cinema, go to theaters, go fishing or to cafés – everything is appropriate if you are together and you enjoy it.

2. Do not mark time. Learn how to forget your home problems while you are at work. If you think about them all the time. In this way you won’t solve them, you will just start feeling emotionally stressed out. Of course, this is not something easy. Make some efforts to ignore them and put them aside. Then, when the time comes, you will find the solution more easily.

3. Find yourself a hobby or start training – swimming, running, dancing, yoga and aerobics – they are all capable of charging you up with some positive energy and they are also good for the health. Embroidering, sewing, cooking, drawing, writing articles, designing something, reading books… A person who has a hobby is always more interesting than the ones who are always busy with home cares.

4. Have sex. Psychologists claim that couples who sleep in separated beds cool down their relationships much faster than others. Nothing could pull together a married couple more than physical delight and caress. Every problem is solved easier when the sex between two people is good. Never punish your partner with refusing to have sex with him because of his bad behavior. That leads to cooled down relationships.

5. Give each other more tenderness. Do not spare your good words and caress, but also do not overdo them, because everything has its limits.

6. You could make the feeling of freshness a bit longer by concentrating on the best moments of your collective life while you are having a conversation. Think of something good that you have experienced together and share it with your partner.

7. Of course, you should not underestimate the vacations. They are a good thing as long as they are at the right moment. Otherwise, if the moment is a crisis one, the vacation will be ruined by a bunch of fights and quarrels. Spend some time alone with your friends, go to cafés and let your partner take a breath. Breathing is good for everyone!


Remember that the most precious moments of your life had been experienced with your partner. Solve your problems and do not run away from them. Do not let the boredom of family life ruin your marriage! 

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