How to choose catering for our wedding? Part 1

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The catering company takes care of every detail of your wedding.


Serving style

There are three serving styles in the catering. Two of them – the Russian and the French style – derive from the traditions and the etiquette, created in the XVIII century and established in the XIX century. The third, modern style starts spreading in the beginning of the XX century in hotels and becomes famous all over the world after the Second World War. In order to help you choose the most appropriate style for your wedding, we will introduce to you all the advantages and disadvantages of the three serving styles.

French style

Each wedding guest chooses from a particular menu. This style is elegant and formal, but it is also slow. The advantage is that guests have the opportunity to choose the dish they want.

Russian style

The waiters serve all the courses, but each guest could tell his claims (a smaller portion, more sauce or garnish…). This style is a slow one too.

Modern style

The main chef cooks and serves all courses from the kitchen and they are the same for all guests. That is the fastest system of serving and all the courses are decorated. The disadvantage is that guests do not have the opportunity to choose their dishes, portions, garnishes and so on.


Sandwiches for the wedding

The catering companies that offer mini sandwiches (tapas) for the wedding are nowadays not a taboo: they are cheap and accessible. The mini sandwiches are small and have different tastes, in this way they could satisfy the taste of each guest. Usually, people choose two types of sandwiches for their wedding. The first one is cheaper and ordinary, while the second is more expensive and extravagant. On the other hand, it is not a good idea to choose too ordinary sandwiches with meat, fish or vegetarian. It is better to give your guests the opportunity to choose something that they want by combining their ingredients. That is because of the fact that some of the guests might be allergic to some kind of food or they could be vegetarians or have special preferences. The caterer is very important, so be careful when you choose and look for good quality, interesting performance and perfect service. Do not choose sandwiches that are too saucy, too crispy, too greasy and pungent.

The mini sandwiches are a good choice for your wedding, because they are interesting and they are also cheap from an economical point of view. You could order huge amounts of sandwiches at a very low price.


Author’s catering

They are chefs in the kitchen, gastronomy wizards and they have the ability to play with the flavors in such way that a unique taste could be achieved.


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