How to choose catering for our wedding? Part 2

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Many bridegrooms who have oriental taste or who incline to healthier food, often offer Japanese food to their guests. It is prepared by the taste of the guests and is served with Chinese or Japanese drinks. It is inexpensive and it requires special preparation. It is appropriate for smaller weddings. We should also take into consideration the fact that not everyone likes sushi and we should be prepared to offer some dishes from the national cuisine. In order for the wedding to be a good memory for all guests, you could gift them Chinese sticks for eating.

Special menu

Do not forget to inform your wedding caterer in advance that some of your guests don’t eat particular food and that there will be children on the wedding. There is usually a special menu for the little ones.



Among the most important expenditures are the ones for drinks. That is why they should be precisely calculated in this way:

A bottle of concentrated alcohol is enough for 21 glasses. For a three-hour celebration for example it is calculated:

1. number of guests * seven glasses of alcohol = total number of glasses of alcohol

2. total number of glasses / 21 glasses = total number of bottles

A bottle of wine (normal size) contains 9 glasses of wine. Usually, each guest drinks one glass and a half. Now that you know that, just calculate it.


Determine the places

It is always better to organize the alignment of the guests on the tables in advance. The criteria which could be followed is for example: the relatives of the bride and the groom on both sides of the table (it is recommended for them to be separated); relatives of the bride and the groom together (in order to get to know each other); guests who are at the same age and so on. It is your choice. You should be very careful, because we are sure that you don’t want to create any intense situations on your big day.


Catering ideas

● include the table number in your wedding invitation and let each guest choose where to sit on his table.

● separate the tables in different zones by defining the color and the number of tables in each zone. In this way you give your guests a bigger choice.

● place a card at the center of the table with the family name or the number of the table. You could also put cards with the guests’ names on each place on the table. Another option is to put a guest list at the entrance of the restaurant in alphabetical order with the particular table number next to each name.

● place a table at the entrance with envelopes with the guests’ names in alphabetical order with the table number which matches up with the particular guest.


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