How to choose the perfect song for the first dance

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Every detail of the big day is important including your first dance


Some couples need more than half a year to prepare their wedding. Others in love cope in a much shorter timeframe. Regardless of how long you have been planning your wedding, the commitments ahead of you and all the others are the same.


One of the most important details in the restaurant is the first dance. Many couples leave the DJ alone to choose which song to sound first, but this is not the best approach. The song for the first dance is special and somehow shows you as newlyweds to the world.


Therefore you should carefully think of the melody you will choose.


Here are some guidelines:


  1. Decide with your spouse. The most important thing you should do when choosing a song is to answer the question: “What does the specific song mean for you?” Most appropriate would be if there is one song that is emblematic for your relationship – a melody that you listened to on your first date or one that you connect to a romantic trip. If you do not have such a song, make a list of several favorite songs and decide together.


  1. Romantic whiff. The song you selected must have the appropriate sound and text to suit the occasion. This should be a slow, romantic song that is about love, of course. Particularly suitable would be if you choose a popular song that most guests know and can sing along with you. The finale of the song must be memorable because no one wants a slow, monotonous song whose beginning and ending are impersonal.


  1. Adventurous newlyweds. In case you are such, you can afford to do something completely different with which to surprise all guests. Select a track that is quite untypical or dance something unusual. If you decide to do something unusual certainly before this train and prepare well for it.


  1. Listen to the text. Some couples stop at their favorite song, but do not listen well in its text. Some songs may have a romantic title, but the words to not be appropriate for a wedding. So before you opt for a song, listen to every word or translate the text if it is in a foreign language.



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