Let’s pack up for the honeymoon – what to (not) do. Part 1

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The most appropriate and busy season for a honeymoon is the summer, which means that many young couples have booked their airline tickets and hotel rooms. After that pleasant activity, however, comes the preparation of the luggage for this vacation, on which one goes once in a lifetime.


Follow these simple organizational tips and recommendations for a trip, in order to make sure that your holiday will go as smoothly as possible.



Label your luggage on the inside and out. Mark your suitcase with something unique and recognizable in order not to lose it. Just a few simple steps will prevent the confusion of other passengers when taking their luggage. For a start, try some creative labels for luggage or colorful ribbons.


No way!

Do not wait until the last minute. Consider your list of things for packing at least a week before the departure. If your plans for the honeymoon include leaving immediately after the wedding, the last thing you want is to pack feverishly and quickly, taking what you see at first. It is best to plan and pack in advance to avoid the stress and reduce the chance of forgetting the most important things.



Make copies of the passports, identity documents and credit cards. Let there be two copies of all. Take one with you. If you ever lose a purse, bag or whatever, you will be secured.


No way!

Do not overdo it with the luggage! The large, heavy bags are terrible when it comes to a trip, and are super unnecessary. Furthermore, the lighter luggage may prevent quite a few quarrels.



Take the important things with you on the flight. This list includes medications, documents (identity card, tickets, itineraries, etc.), clothes for changing, something for entertainment such as books, a magazine or playing cards.


No way!

Do not take shoes that you have not worn before.

Whether it comes for hiking boots, sneakers or official shoes, a worn pair will help you avoid blisters and other problems with your feet that will prevent you from enjoying the honeymoon.

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