Medical tests before marriage – are they necessary?

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Researchers claim that a big percentage of the divorces world-wide are due to dishonesty before marriage.


This is the reason why it is recommended that all kinds of necessary medical examinations are made before marriage. This might help the partners to create bigger trust towards each other, claim specialists.




The pre-marriage medical tests include:

● common medical tests – ultrasound, X-ray, laboratory tests and so on…

● tests for sexually transmitted diseases/infections

● TORCH – complex (checking the fertility of the partners)

● other fertility tests

● genetic testing


The tests could help you avoid an eventual divorce, if for example the couple finds out that they can not have any children. A certain problem can ruin the relationships of partners. Knowing about such a problem could lower the risks of a relationship too. The given information could help you find a solution of the problem on time. Similar problems are the ones with impotency. The medical tests could show if there are any potential risks of erectile dysfunction. They could also help you deal with it before it gets worse.


Thanks to the tests you could also find out about sexually transmitted infections that might lead to fertility problems. By knowing of your problems, you might be able to handle them and treat them before it gets too late (ectopic pregnancy, blockage of the fallopian tubes, spontaneous abortion, health risks for your future baby…).


Most of these medical conditions have no symptoms and that is the main reason why they lead to many complications.


An example for a similar infection is the toxoplasmosis, which is caused by protozoan parasites (Toxoplasma gondii).

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