Mistakes that we make when organizing the wedding. Part 2

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    Going through a nervous breakdown, because someone has the same wedding dress as yours…

The problem: Nowadays, future wives do everything they can and spend a lot of time to make their wedding one of a kind. They search for really unique details for the wedding day, so it seems normal for a person to go through a nervous breakdown when finding out that another couple has chosen the same decoration, flowers or even food. Before going in a fight, let us offer you a different way of dealing with the situation.

The solution: If somebody steels your idea, remember the quote that imitation is the most honest form of flattery. And after all this is your wedding, not theirs, so that makes it completely different and special. No matter if this contention is true or not (it is true for sure), it will probably make you feel terrible – but you shouldn’t worry about that. Instead of worrying that somebody else’s wedding will be the same as yours, think of a way to change the stolen elements and replace them with something more interesting. If a friend of yours picks the same wedding dress as the one you have, just figure out how to add some details and decorations to it that will make it unique. For example, you could put a brooch on it or beads and another decorations (you get the idea, I guess). What if somebody else stole your idea? Think of a way to make it different. And if the imitators really bother you so much – just avoid telling people all of your ideas. If you keep the wedding details a secret, you will not have to worry that your friends who are going to get married will steel your ideas.


  • Realizing that ivory is not your color…two months before the wedding

The problem: When you started planning the wedding, you knew exactly what you want – pink dresses for the bridesmaids, peonies and engraved invitations… But now, after all the efforts you have made in the last few months, you know exactly what you want – various flower tones, orchids and modern, bright invitations. So, you still want the style you picked first…or not?

The solution: You should feel free to rethink and change all wedding details and elements that you want – except if you have reached the stage of exchanging the rings (just kidding). But all the changes don’t mean a whole new investment. You will be surprised how easy you could change the whole wedding style by removing or adding some small details. You have already ordered the bridesmaids’ dresses? Think of adding a bright scarf or some earrings to refresh them a bit. You are not sure about the colors you have picked? Go to your florist and figure out some changes of the table flowers for example. The flowers could change the whole atmosphere and that is not a tough thing to be changed, even in the last moment. If you would like to change the tablecloths, you could do that by attaching a ribbon on them or adding some lines. And after all the changes, if you decide that the new look does not appeal to you, just go back to your previous choice. But remember, that will have a price too. There is a rule according to which, once you have signed a contract and seen a sample, you will have to pay extra for every change that you decide to make. But, despite that, if you still have time (4-5 months before the wedding), you are free to do any changes. Just remember that you are marrying the one you love, not some decorations.

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