Mistakes that we make when organizing the wedding. Part 3

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    Trying to drop two dress sizes before the last fitting…

The problem: You have found the dress of your dreams – even though it doesn’t match up with your figure. Your plan – you order the dress two sizes smaller and then you do the impossible in order to get in it. Or at least you think you are doing something.

The solution: To take a decision for training and eating right is a pretty good thing to do, no matter if you are planning a wedding or you are trying to lose weight that you gained as a result of family life. But, let’s face it – it is not a good idea to torture yourself and train in the gym through the whole day. That is something that will probably lead to catastrophe and after all the efforts – you might not fit into the dress.

Instead of wasting your time, you should find another adorable dress and order it in the size that you fit in. If you would like to change your body during the engagement – that’s great, continue with the training, but make your aims attainable (increase the tonus, but don’t lose 10kg). And if your figure is starting to turn into an idée fixe, just recall yourself that the man you are going to marry is somebody who can’t get enough of your present look (that’s the truth).

In case you lose some weight, this slow, but sure approach will be very useful for you (and the effect from the training will last longer). But do not lose too much weight, because you might be lighter, but the numbers on the total sum will become much “heavier” after this big change. The last fitting should be for little corrections, not for a shake-up.


● Doing everything on our own…

The problem: We really enjoy the original ideas that couples figure out in order to make their wedding unique. But we should not go beyond the realm of possibilities. It is fine to put a lot of efforts in your wedding, but you should not err on the side of it. You could be sure that no one else will have the same idea as yours. You should control your budget in order to avoid putting two hundred ribbons by yourself (in case you think it would be fun).

The solution: Instead of taking up with so many things at the same time, you could choose one or two that you really like and put some ideas and money in them. And for the rest wedding details you could try finding finished products that appeal to you. There is such a wide range of ready products that could mirror your own style and save you a lot of time.


● Overburdening your mother with wedding preparations…

The problem: So, you could handle it all by yourself – great, but there should be someone who could help you with all that work, someone you could trust. Most of the brides overburden their mother (sister, godmother) with a lot of work in order to be sure that everything will go right on the wedding day. They ask them to check if everything is ok with the catering, the florist, they ask them to steam iron their veil, to make sure that the limousine company knows the right address… These people usually are happy to help you with anything you ask them to, but hey, aren’t they your guests and aren’t they supposed to have fun on your big day?

The solution: No matter how worried you are, most of the organizational problems could be handled by an adult. And aren’t most of your guests adults? Yes, they are. You could separate the different undertakings among more people (cousins, close friends, aunts…) and avoid overburdening your mother. They all will be happy to help and they will probably be even flattered that you have asked them to help you. If you are worried that something might go wrong, just make a list of the tasks and note the person that you have asked to fulfill the particular task.


Another alternative for you is to hire a professional for the last few weeks before the wedding. They are experts in making all the wedding details perfectly well. That is an absolute relief for you and… your mother. This service is not as expensive as you think and after all, can you define the price of all the stress that you will go through before the wedding if you do everything by yourself?

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