Mistakes that we make when organizing the wedding. Part 4

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● Crying for tablecloths, because they don’t go well with the whole atmosphere…

The problem: The wedding place cards have just arrived and the color of their ink is a bit different from the color of the invitation cards’ ink. Or the buttonhole of your godfather is with another flower, but not a small rose, as required. Don’t give up, difficulties occur even on the best organized weddings.

The solution: You have put so much effort in all wedding details and it’s normal to feel awful when you realize that something is not the way you want it to be. The solution is to take a deep breath when you see a problem and say to yourself: “How would that be important for me after a year?” Not after 10, not even after 5, but after a year, everything will be forgotten. Actually, all these little problems that cause you so many headaches will not be important when the wedding begins (or the day after it). If the problem is serious, just deal with it. But if it is only a simple mistake, get over it. You shouldn’t waste your nerves on such little mistakes. A good warrior always selects his fights.


● Leaving the wedding place cards on the table in the morning of the wedding day…

The problem: At the moment, it might seem strange to you to have a sketched plan of all guest places or the whole decoration – ordered and ready. But having all that planned and ready won’t harm you, actually it will save you a lot of stress. The sooner the wedding is, the busier you will get, so a schedule will be very useful for you, especially if you follow it.

The solution: You are worried that you have gone too far in the schedule? Don’t worry. You are in a perfect position. If you are doing everything successively in a particular order and you are not choosing to do the tasks you like first, you might happen to have a lot of free time in the last days before the wedding, which is a good thing. That is exactly the most stressful time of the whole pre-wedding period. If you have done all of the important tasks, you will have the opportunity to spend some time having fun or just resting from the hard work. Don’t make the mistake of not following a task’s schedule.


● Lavishing your budget…

The problem: You have determined a particular amount of money. You have pondered the sum. You have started planning… and now it occurs that the money isn’t enough. Defining a budget is not an easy thing to do and it could drive you crazy, but don’t give up…

The solution: If you realize that you have underestimated some expenditure, you should not panic. Instead of doing this, you just need to consult all these with your fiancé and figure out a constructive decision of dealing with the problem. You may give up on something or just replace it with something else. If, despite the changes you have made, the money still is not enough, you might have to borrow some money. In order for the loan to be a small one, you should carefully consider if the loan’s interest is low or a better option is using your credit card. If you want to avoid creating stress and tension between you and your fiancé, you should also plan your expenses and the time limit of the loan’s refunding.

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