Mistakes that we make when organizing the wedding. Part I

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The organizing of the wedding day is not an easy job. Every detail should be carefully considered and most of all, it should be perfectly done without throwing away our nerves.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that we make.

Planning everything else, except for… the guest list…

The problem: You are engaged! You are excited! You are ready to send the invitation cards with the date of the wedding day, to book the wedding hall, to choose the flowers – hmm! Just a moment, we think we are forgetting something. Who is going to come to this event?

The solution: This is not the funniest part of the preparations (and to be honest it is one of the common reasons for one, two, five or dozens of fights), but you shouldn’t make any decisions about the wedding before you have an exact list of guests. You will ask why? Do you want to pay irreclaimable earnest for that cozy restaurant which could accommodate only 75 people and after a while realize that all together the guests will be 200 people? That’s right. After you have already reached an agreement with all the people around you – your future husband, mother-in-law and so on, then you could move forward. This means, that the only thing about the wedding that you could plan (or at least discuss with your fiancé) straight away is its style and its atmosphere. You would like to invite to your wedding only your closest friends and relatives, or you would like to throw a huge event with more than 300 guests? Later, when you get into the labyrinth of the guest list, this stage of planning (the atmosphere of the wedding) will help you with the decision whether or not a particular person should be added in your guest list.


Reading wedding magazines to your fiancé…

The problem: We know that we are not living in the Stone Age, but many men are willing to see their wedding look as an event mirroring their style (or at least a style that isn’t all in pink). But probably, your fiancé has a hard time dealing with all the varieties of wedding invitations.


The solution: Here is how you could neutralize the potentially delicate condition (and mine field for miffing and fighting, which you probably want to avoid). Spend an evening with your fiancé, go to a dinner and discuss all the wedding stages. Try to understand his point of view and remember the details that he is interested in. All flowers look the same for him? Well, then you could unloose him from that decision. And if he doesn’t want to listen to you and does everything to avoid the sound, then maybe you should leave him alone and decide on your own.


When the time draws near, make sure that you lower the pressure by spending one night weekly without any conversations and discussions about the wedding. Talk about the weather, your friends, the dog – anything else, but the wedding. He will be very happy to see that the girl he’s in love with is still next to him and you will really enjoy it too. Who knows? Leaving your fiancé alone with his thoughts might result in a surprise. He might be finally able to figure out an interesting idea about the wedding toast or the dilemma for the guest list.


Keep his emotional balance (and yours) by defining a particular day of the week with no discussions about the wedding.

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