New researches about marriage and divorce

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Facebook is nowadays a reason for divorce

Facebook is the reason for the divorce of each fifth person in the USA.

81% of the best divorce consultants in the USA have marked a new tendency in increasing the numbers of couples that claim that the reason they are getting divorced are the social networks.

The research of the American academy of divorce lawyers marks Facebook as a leader – 66% from the asked people said that it was the main source of searching for proofs.

There is no doubt that loose marriages are most vulnerable, but there is no need for you to have family problems in order to start an affair with a friend from Facebook, claim psychologists.

“One of the partners starts communicating with a high school mate. This person is not busy and they start chatting. Soon after, the common talks turn into more personal and intimate things and all this leads to a physical contact.” – claims the psychologist Steven Kimans from the Medical University “Loyola” in Maywood, Illinois.

According to him, the more they communicate online, the bigger are the chances that they start having feelings towards each other.

“Look at your Facebook friends. Is the amount of men and women similar? With which sex do you communicate more? Do you have a crash on a particular person? If you answer all these questions, you will find out how the social networks work. Maybe you have already started something that might ruin your marriage.” – warns the psychologist.


A divorce caused by happiness

The carefree and happy teenager years guarantee us luck, well-being and… a divorce sometime later in our life.

People who don’t have any problems in the puberty have bigger chances to become people with a perfect social life, with a good job that satisfies them and with a perfect health condition – shows a research among more than 2200 British, born in 1946.

But the research shows that for this people the risk of getting divorced is a lot bigger than the risk for people who had not such a perfect puberty.

These results should not surprise us, claim the psychologists from Cambridge. It is simply logical that people with good and satisfying jobs have more self-confidence and that they are in a more comfortable position leaving their partners if their marriage is unhappy.

Definition “happy teenage” is based on a research of the popularity of a particular person among his friends, his activity and emotional condition at the age of 13-15 years.


The housewife helps men relax at home

“I lay and she quietly works around me without saying a word” – this is how the perfect complacency of a man who is relaxing after work sounds.

For both genders, the house work is really stressful, but women handle it more easily, especially when their men help them.

Yes, but the cortisol levels (the hormone of stress), measured by men, are in their lowest level when their wives are working while they are relaxing. So, it is explainable why they don’t want to help with all the work.

In comparison with other similar researches that base on quests, the research of the Family center in California, is based on direct observation. For the period of four days were shot 30 married couples with at least one child at the age of 8-10 years. Both partners went to work, most of them had three children and were married for at least 13 years.

While they were working and dealing with their daily responsibilities, some samples of their saliva were taken and their cortisol level was measured.

“When men get home from work, they want to be left alone and they feel fully relaxed when their wives are doing something around the house. The first thing that women do is to pay attention to their children and if they are alone, they start doing the house work” – explains the anthropologist Eleanor Ox.


The night sleep is more important for women

“When a woman is sleepy, that affects the marriage. When a man is sleepy, that is only his problem” – claim doctors.

The possibility for a woman to start arguing with her husband when she is sleepy is multiple times bigger than when she had slept enough – shows a research of the Medical University in Pittsburg.

The writer, d-r Wendy Trocksel claims that lack of sleep at night affects women much more on the next day, because actually it is a result of the broken communication of partners before that.

Men are usually in a good emotional condition even if they hadn’t had enough sleep.

Surprisingly, even for the scientists, men’s attitude towards women after a sleepless night is really positive.


In the research took part 32 married couples that had no problems with the sleep and with their mental health. Throughout 10 nights, the time that they need to fall asleep was measured together with the number of times they wake up at night. After that, the participants registered their positive and negative emotions every day. They also wrote down the reactions of their partners like compliments, criticism and ignoring.

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