Revelations about marriage. Part 2

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13)      My position is the right one.

Actually, the right positions are two… they depend on the point of view. The challenge to convince the person next to you that he is wrong means to understand his point of view.

14)      I had a bad day today and I have the right to behave bad at home.

Nothing could justify the rude or impolite behavior at home.

15)      Marriage will make you happy.

Marriage isn’t a signed contract for forever lasting happiness. Marriage could make you complete, but it can not be the only source of your happiness. Happiness comes from beneath.

16)      I don’t have to worry if sex starts running down.

It happens sometimes, especially after birth, or when you are too busy at work, when you have family problems or you are just stressed out. But you should be aware of the fact that sex is really important for a healthy relationship. It is not necessary to search for romance every time. Just enjoy the often and spontaneous moments.

17)      We shouldn’t fight in front of the children.

Yes, you should. Children should know that when two people love each other, they don’t have always the same opinion. It is good for them to see how a problem could be solved in a good way. But if you are fighting in front of them, you should avoid using bad words or other forms of disrespect towards each other.

18)      Women earn more from marriage. / Men earn more from marriage.

Women and men are even in marriage. Usually men “earn” better health and women – better financial state. There’s a proof that married people live longer and are usually happier.

19)      The more educated one woman is, the smaller her chances are of getting married.

This is actually an old and really wrong perception.

20)      Cohabitation is like marriage, but without a signed “piece of paper”.

This is a myth, because the non-married couples are more likely to take care of their own interests, successes and values. This makes them not that devoted to their partners, as the married couples are.

21)      Romance will always exist in a good marriage.

Each marriage has its ups and downs. Besides, the daily life with all its problems is often a “killer” of all kind of romance.

22)      The origin and the past have nothing to do with marriage.

They do. They have a lot to do with it. These two things are the factors that create the particular person and his individuality. The behavior, the experience and the family are integral parts of every person.

23)      We should always talk honestly about everything.

Honesty and trust are for sure necessary. But some criticizing opinions could insult and deeply hurt the person next to you. This is why you shouldn’t say everything that is on your mind.

24)      The infidelity in the family happens only to the weakest people.

Infidelity could happen to everyone.


And what is necessary for a happy marriage? It is for sure not a contract clause and it won’t always go according to plan. This is love, tolerance, support, communication, realistic expectations, cares, sense of humor and attention…and many, many more.

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