The main “killers” of marriage

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There are really few couples that have doubts about their marriage when they are getting married. The beauty of the wedding ceremony, the wedding vows, the agape looks of the wedding guests, they all make us believe that everything will be ok. It is very interesting, but for almost every other thing of our life we know that a lot of efforts, time and money are required. We all realize that health requires cares, sports and healthy eating. We invest so many years of our lives in our carrier. But when it comes to marriage and children, we think that it will all come naturally. Sooner or later, every couple realizes that marriage requires a lot of efforts, cares, time, honest conversations and attention. Love is not enough and we all need a lot of skills.

In this article, we provide you information about the main killers of marriage, by knowing that the list of the reasons is limitless. Most of all – keep your thought about divorce away and consult with a specialist before taking any decisions.

● inadequate communication

The incapability of one or both partners to communicate adequate with each other by expressing their feelings in an abusive way – this is the most common reason for the ruined family relationships.

● finances

The separate budgets of the family, the disagreement on how to spend all the money, the loans and all the money that the family owes – these are all factors that affect the family relationships. In this section are also included the failure in the carrier or business, and also the success. One of the most important things in your budget should be the romantic dates, vacations, babysitters and so on, in order for you to spend some time alone with your partner.

  • overworking

The over employment is the disease of our century. Avoid doing many things at the same time like studying in a university, taking care of the children, starting a business and working. Learn to arrange your time in a way that allows you to spend some time with your family.

● infidelity

Despite of the spread beliefs that infidelity could be easily overcome, the facts point exactly the opposite – infidelity destroys marriage and it requires a lot of time and efforts to be forgotten. The trust is always very hard to earn.

● lack of self-dedication, selfishness

Even if only one of the partners is selfish, this is enough for the relationship to be broken. The differences in what’s valuable for both partners and the lack of self-dedication are often reasons for ruined marriages.

● differences in the priorities

If the man expects from his wife to take care of the children, but her main purpose is to deliver a carrier, it is most likely for potential conflicts to occur.

● sexual problems

If one of the partners doesn’t want to have sex, this might lead to a lot of problems. The same thing refers to sexual anorexia, impotency and other things that lead to marriage crisis.

● lack of personal space

If one or both partners don’t give space to each other and always want everything to happen in their way, this all leads to searching for other alternatives and an escape from the situation.

Here are a few rarer reasons:

● different kinds of addictions (drugs, alcohol, porn)

● different expectations

● argues with the relatives

● physical or verbal violence

How to deal with all these problems in marriage? It is possible! It is important to take the important decision to make a lot of efforts in order to make things right.

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