The perfect man or how to train your husband…

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“The perfect man does not drink alcohol, does not smoke, does not gamble, does not argue and… does not exist!”


If you think that the perfect man is the one who does not drink alcohol, does not fight and brings his entire salary home… well you are wrong! A man, who does not respond to at least one of these things, has no qualities for a husband at all. We could call him a roommate, a torturer or a curse, but never a husband. Here, we are about to talk about the average man – positive and non abusive with nothing. In order to find out how close this average man is to perfection, scientists created some criteria, by which he could be valued.

First part: Theoretical

Compare your “beloved” with the etiquette “perfect” husband. For every match, write a plus.

1. When a woman asks the perfect man to do something at home, he usually answers with “yes” or “no” and he politely explains why he has denied her appeal, without arguing about it (“How could you ask me to do something when I am so tired???” or “Why do I have to do it right now, there is such an important football game at the moment???”)

2. When his woman talks to him about something, he listens without looking at the TV, reading a newspaper and so on. He usually shows her that he is interested in what she is talking about by saying “aha-aha” or “yes” or “Really?” or “It can’t be true!”…

3. When he goes out, he always asks if there is something he has to buy something from the store, if he needs to take the clothes from dry cleaning…

4. He takes his woman’s side in each conflict that she has with her colleagues, friends and other people, without trying to tell her about the concepts justice and objectivity.

5. He always buys her presents with no special occasions (flowers, candies, books, ice cream, perfumes…).

6. He never promises what he can not do.

7. He always notices when you are upset, tired or sick and he asks you if you need help. And he helps.

8. He never changes the TV channels without asking you, especially when you are watching your favorite show.

9. At the restaurant, during an official dinner or a bigger celebration, he always sits next to his woman and gives her enough attention without ignoring her.

10. In the evening, he always takes a shower, uses a deodorant. He changes his socks every day and he never leaves the toilet seat up.

11. On the weekends, he always gets up early and brings coffee to his wife in bed. He prepares breakfast for the whole family.

12. He sometimes hugs her and kisses her without aiming to end these with sex.

Now, count the plusses and calculate the result:

10 or more plusses: You should be really happy, because you are really lucky. Your man is perfect, at least as perfect as a person is possible to be. Oh, but he still does not fully appeal to you? Maybe you are just feeling inferiority.

7-9 plusses: Your man needs some improvement. But you could live with it.

2-6 plusses: You have got a lot of work to do on fixing his values. For now, he is not ready for a family life: he is rude, unresponsive, disregards your interests.

1 or 0 plusses: We have no idea what you are still doing with this person! He is treating you awfully. As a beginning, invite him for a coffee somewhere on a neutral territory and get to know him for real. If you really like him so much, start working on his varnishing and improving.

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