The traps of the wedding night

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Actually, the “traps” are nowadays not real traps any more, as the wedding night is not as it used to be once. The time when the virginity of the bride was sacrificed in the name of god Hymen (the god of wedding ceremonies) is long gone. Nowadays, most of the couples which are getting married, have already consumed the pleasure of sex and definitely the first wedding night could be remembered as the fist night (morning) after the marriage that you could memorize if you can handle a lot of alcohol.



So, trap №1 is the ALCOHOL. There is something special about the wedding that increases your capability and enthusiasm for alcohol drinking, but usually at the end of the night, the bridegroom is drunk like Finnish on a Russian ferry. That is why, if you have decided to follow the tradition and to have a normal and pleasant wedding night – drink until the moment when the bottle of alcohol has a clear shape and it still looks more beautiful than the best friend of your wife.


Trap №2 – THE MARITAL BED. You have probably arranged a hotel for this special occasion or at least you have a separate room available. It would be better if you avoid the erotic-enhancing of people with a lot of experience. They can not be completely trusted, because of their long history together. You could make this moment perfect by surprising the bride (or why not the bridegroom) by an amazingly arranged room with a lot of burning candles, French champagne and a bowl of strawberries and cream near the bed.


Trap №3 – THE FATIGUE. Nobody expects you to look perfectly well after a 12-hour wedding marathon. If despite that, you have the spirit, you should remember these things. They might help you in tough intimate situations after 10-20 years. There is one simple cure against fatigue – love. Love will always help you turn the wedding night into an unforgettable experience, which you won’t be able to share with your kids, because you will be too ashamed.


Trap № 4, 5 and 6 – THE BIG EXPECTATIONS. If you are optimists, you probably have made plans about the whole night. Don’t expect your plans to become true. Researches show that only 10% of the whole organization becomes true. But don’t give up trying. It all depends on you.


Actually, the wedding night is not really that important. The nights after the wedding are of a bigger importance. After all, if you love somebody, you will have a lot of perfect nights with him in the future and it’s not that much of a problem if you don’t have clear memories from the wedding night. What stops you from trying to make it perfect one more time?

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