The types of brides that we all have met

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The wedding is a special day in the life of almost every woman, but every bride is different in her individuality, character, style and preferences. Here are the most common types of brides of which we remembered:


  1. The bride “haute couture”

The wedding dress of this bride is probably taken directly from the collection of a top designer from the Fashion Week in Paris. In any case, the dress, regardless of the model may outshine the clothes of all the wedding guests together, minimum by its price.


  1. The bride “do it yourself”

This bride has sewed the dress herself, or has invented the model and the cut and sewed it with a friend. This woman has just been fully determined, that she alone should create her wedding garment or wanted to stand out as a designer and then enjoy the standing ovation.


  1. The bride, who has dreamed of a wedding all her life

This girl had been aware as early as kindergarten what kind of bride she would be one day. She dreamed all her life for this moment and always imagined herself as the figure of the bride on the multistoried wedding cake. This woman has arranged the wedding ceremony and celebration to the smallest detail in her head and the plan matures there for years, so she would not change anything.


  1. The bride, which is obsessed with the menu

There is one type of brides who mostly want to impress their guests with the menu or worry whether the food will be enough / too much. This bride spent the most time of the preparations for her wedding in deciding whether to order foie gras for appetizer and duck with oranges for the main course.


  1. The nervous bride

This girl is not yet sure if she wants to be a married woman and especially for this particular bridegroom. She also does not seem very happy about this super important event in her personal life.


  1. The bride obsessed in the details

This bride can not relax all night and keeps track if everything goes according to plan, observing the smallest things and details such as the type and quantity of the decorations in the restaurant.


  1. The bride – model

This woman turns her wedding into her fashion photo session. She poses in front of the photographer all night and holds every moment to be sealed, as her face and figure must be caught from the best angle.


  1. The too emotional bride

This woman does not stop crying from her home to the church and all the way to the restaurant. She just can not believe that she is marrying her beloved and can not control her strong emotions.


  1. The princess bride

This bride instead of a veil has a tiara with stones that closely resembles a crown. Furthermore, all of her details are in pink, as if she were a real alive Barbie doll.


  1. The perfect bride

This woman looks impeccable, she is calm and shining with happiness and her wedding is a fairytale. She is an example bride and she knows it.


  1. The bride “bridezilla”

This bride is evil and behaves badly with all her loved ones, and not only. She has taken the command into her own hands and wants everyone else to listen to her.


  1. The competitive bride

This bride does everything possible to outshine the recent wedding of her best friend or dear cousin. She is relentless in her desire to win this imaginary battle.


  1. The untypical bride

This bride looks a little strange, hippie or grunge. She is definitely not wearing a typical wedding dress and the wedding is either weird or super nontraditional. Often the party is cool, but is not enjoyed by older guests.


  1. The indifferent bride

This bride acts at her wedding as if she came to a business meeting. She wants to sign without emotions and go home. She does not care about the ceremony and her guests – for her this is a day like any other.


  1. The drunk bride

This bride is in a pretty darn good mood at her own wedding and after dancing and drinking all night, at some time already it begins to show that she has had too much alcohol. She is one of the most entertaining brides, but there is a risk to embarrass herself.


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