The wedding makeup

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An essential condition is the makeup to look good and to be perfectly appropriate for the occasion it is done for and to be complied with the time and place where the event is situated and of course with the nature of the the person to whom the makeup is done.


In the wedding makeup to the bride is done very solid makeup base – the skin should look flawless as the colors are lighter and fresh.


The appearance of a bride looks enough ‘engaged’ with the dress, veil, bouquet etc. and exactly because of that the makeup should not be shocking, but complementary.


The makeup is not excluded and for the groom. For him it is discreet, and the idea is to hide facial imperfections – redness, pimples, dark circles under the eyes.


This is far from a complete makeup – base is used, concealer to camouflage skin defects, foundation and powder to freshen up and can also be used and pale blush and lip balm, colorless or brown mascara.


In any case, I advise all those who intend to use the services of professionals to not ignore the importance of a preliminary meeting with make-up artist for a trial makeup.


This is the point at which necessarily are specified the details and the important things – the makeup artist gets acquainted with the style in which the event is organized, the dress, hairstyle, what is your vision for your overall appearance and how you want to look like.


At this meeting you get a professional opinion on your makeup, an assessment and the makeup artist’s proposals your specific individual image, you will discuss ideas, work out the colors, shape, intensity of makeup, etc.


You get a clear idea of what exactly would be your vision for the event and you can be assured that the next time the makeup artist will know exactly what you want him/her to do and instead having to guesswork what you imagine, you will have a much faster and successful makeup that is already fully considered and selected according to all circumstances requiring its use.


Thus you will be confident that your makeup will be done quickly, accurately and as you wish and it will have greater durability and you will not have any concerns about your ideal appearance!


Once you have acquired confidence and perfect beauty, enjoy the moment for a lifetime! Cheers!

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