The wedding – your big day!

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Your big day. Enjoy it, feel it. It carries your dreams and your wishes, your ideas, your mood and your appearance. The organization is already made, everything is prepared and specified. The people that you have hired are professionals and they know what they are doing. Besides, you have recommendations for all of them. Let them do their job and you…


Live every moment, enjoy your guest’s attention and leave everything that worries you behind. The truth is that except fun, every wedding is also tiring and stressful.

That’s why:

–          While you are still in bed, listen to some relaxing music.

–          Have a good breakfast. You are going to have a long and tiring day. No matter how hungry you are, the nice breakfast is mandatory.

–          Makeup, hairstyle. Provide yourself with at least one hour for your makeup and one hour for your hairstyle. You have already had a trial makeup and hairstyle, so you don’t have to expect any surprises. Just relax.

–          Dressing up. You need at least an hour and a half for your dressing up. Each element of your clothing is important, so you should do everything very carefully if you want to look perfect.

–          Free your mind. Focus on the little details that have their charm, carry a meaning and are memorable – the perfume of your partner, the taste of the champagne, the first dance… Then you could feel the magic of your wedding day, the enchanting atmosphere in the church and the wedding hall.



They could be very emotional, solemn and memorable. But they could not. It all depends on you – your mood and behavior.

–          Do not be late. This creates a terrible tension.

–          Be serious, no matter how you feel about these ceremonies. Leave the jokes and the humor for the restaurant. It is absurd and inappropriate to do these things:

“Do you agree to marry … before the register?” – you slow down your answer, you look at your partner critically and you say “I’m not so sure…Let me think…Well, yes.” You risk looking stupid, insulting his parents, irritate the other people and even hurt your partner and ruin his entire day.

–          During the church ceremony (it is much longer then the other), try not to look bored. Both ceremonies are special for you and your partner and there is an intimate and personal element in them – the vow, the rings, the family toast, everything is very emotional – for you and your parents.

–          Just free your mind and enjoy these two ceremonies, because this is the first and the last time that you are going to live through them.



In case you have hired a wedding agency which looks after everything, leave it all in his hands and have fun.

In case you preferred to organize everything by yourself, you must have given a scenario to the DJ and a friend of yours to take care of things. In this way, you will have the opportunity to feel free and enjoy the celebration.

The scenario must include these elements of the wedding (minutes and hours):

14:00 – 15:30 – the bride’s dressing up

15:30 – 16:30 – guests welcoming

16:30 – leaving the home of the bride

16:30 – 16:50 – photo session

16:50 – heading to the church

19:00 – entering the restaurant

19:00 – 19:10 – welcoming

19:30 – the first toast (groom)

19:45 – the first dance of the newly married couple

and so on…



This is a really successful offer. Beautifully made with a lot of space for wishes and photos, you give this book to your guests and let them write their wishes. After the wedding, you could place some photos and create an amazing memory of your wedding.



Clothing – should be formal. Shoes – closed. Jewelries – elegant and simple. Accurate timing – mandatory. Transportation – the couple sit on the back seat in this order: the groom is behind the driver, the bride – next to the groom. Arrival – the driver gets out of the car and opens the right back door of the car, he passes his hand to the bride. Godfather – in the same order in a separate car. The transportation could be also in one car.



During the entire day, the bride should be on the right side of the groom.



–          The engagement ritual – The parents of the bride welcome the parents of the groom.

–          The ritual hall – The parents of the groom welcome the parents and guests of the bride.

–          The restaurant – The parents of the bride and the groom welcome the guests.

–          Accommodation of the guests – the wedding agency or a friend should take care of it.

–          Sending-off – the first people that leave the restaurant are the bride and the groom after they say a few words for “goodbye”.

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