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There is no question that you and your partner love each other. But has it ever happened to you to spend more time together in an unfamiliar place? But has this been frustrating for both you and for your partner? Yes? Then the next few lines are just for you.


The problem with most of today’s marriages is the excessive hastiness. More precisely in the the fact that people rush to marry, ignoring the fact that they know each other form quite recently!


And the journey – it is the best option to “reveal” and explore the inside of your soul mate. Only in this way you will understand whether you are prepared or not to proceed further with this particular person. You may ask “Why?” Let’s see …


  1. During a journey appear the best qualities of a person. The worst too.


It is difficult to explain why actually is it so. One possible reason is, for example, because namely then we feel unsafe and uncomfortable in the new environment and focus more on ourselves than on the person next to us.


It can be taken of the fact that the problems that we had at home and have already been solved, during the trip may occur and even escalate a hundredfold. At the same time, in new environment, you can again feel how much you love your spouse.


  1. If you have already decided to marry, you will undoubtedly have to be ready to sacrifice your own comfort zone.


Of course, you may experience discomfort during the entire holiday: many new and different people, food, foreign culture and a bunch of other factors. Be careful, it is possible that you have to act not as you want and even to comply with other people.


  1. The trip will help you to become better acquainted.


Yes, now we know you will say that you know each other perfectly, but at the risk of offending you – no, it is not like that! If in fact you do – your marriage will not last long. The reason for this is that the passion has already disappeared and your partner is already slightly dull. But precisely then appears the dream trip that will help just in time to shake off the daily worries and focus on each other. Here is whereby shall you know that the journey has undergone as it should – if you return happy and satisfied after two weeks!


  1. You will learn how your partner behaves in unforeseen situations.


If you have forgotten to take some of your things or you have lost something during the trip, pay attention to the way your spouse behaves in these unexpected situations. If he reacts normally and does not pay much attention, this is more than wonderful. But is there shouting and hysteria – better be careful and do not plan your life with him in the long run.


  1. During the trip you will understand how independent and separate your spouse is.


This is exactly the time to find out if your partner knows how to take care of himself. You will learn many of his habits and how he looks like in a given situation.


So, the conclusion that you can make after your holiday together is actually the answer to the question whether you could spend your life with this person or not! The trip is the perfect opportunity to find out how he would behave when you create a family.

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