Trial marriage

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To find out if you have chosen the right person for your entire life, you could make a trial marriage. The first thing you should do is try to deal with all problems on your own without the help of interested and not so interested people like your family, friends and other relatives.


Besides, it would be good if you define how long your experiment is going to last (the optimal term, according to psychologists is six months). This will serve you as a guarantee that your relationship won’t get stuck in an endless try for you both to live together. In the end of this term, you will have to decide if you are really going to get married or you both will head your own road. Don’t forget that the purpose of the experiment is the creation of a family, not any other relationships. But if you both realize that marriage is not for you, it’s ok. There is nothing wrong with that – what’s important is that the final result suits both of you.


To find how your partner sees the family relationships and to define the model of the perfect family, you will have to talk and communicate with him. It is very important that your opinions are similar and if they match you could find the perfect setting for you both. Don’t forget that life changes a lot in time and that in the future some things will seem a lot different for you and your partner. This is why you should wait these 6 months and then have another conversation about what you want.


Take care of the contraception. If you get pregnant, this trial marriage will turn into a real marriage straight away. It’s better to avoid unplanned pregnancy, than to face the consequences later.


Do not think that the result will be positive. If you realize that you can not live in harmony, as a family, don’t think of it as a tragedy, be brave and end your relationship in a good way. Even more – don’t start thinking that you can not live a happy family life at all. You will for sure find another person to build a family with. Of course, only if you manage to use your past experience which you have gained during the trial marriage.

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