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An important part of the wedding celebration is the wedding cake. For a long time the traditions for the wedding cake are really imaginative and there are no compulsory details that must be added to it. The only thing we should key it to, is the style of the wedding. The rules are created to be broken. The choice of the wedding cake and the bakery for its making are both only up to you.


In order to decide what size of the wedding cake is appropriate, you should make an accurate list of the guests in order to know how many people are going to be on your wedding. According to their number, you will know how many pieces of cake you will need. You could also find out how much the whole thing will cost you and what amount of money you will have to spend on it. The more decorated the cake is, the more money it will cost. If you have a small budget, you will have to choose a simpler one, because it will be cheaper.


The wedding cake could have various sizes and shapes, in order to impress your guests, you will have to be very creative and surprise them with something unordinary. If you find it difficult to choose the right cake, you could always ask for advice from your partner, relatives or friends. If you are going to have an outdoors wedding and the wedding cake is going to be exposed on direct sunlight, you will have to tell this to your baker. He will tell you the products that he could use in such conditions.


The factors that define the price are not only the decoration, but also the products that are going to be used and the place where you have ordered it. The price could be low, but it does not always guarantee good quality. In order to avoid the high prices, you might have to ask someone who has already been through all this. He will tell you everything he knows about the different bakeries and the quality of their cakes.

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