Veil, tiara or diadem – the accessories for every bride. Part 1

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Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day. That’s why she stands by looking amazing and stunning.

The most important part of the wedding clothing, except the dress, is the veil. Here are some advises that might help you choose the perfect veil for your wedding.


Choose the dress first.


The style of the wedding dress defines the type of the veil. You shouldn’t wear a long veil or a richly decorated tiara with a dress which looks more simple and elegant. But an elegant wedding dress wouldn’t go well with a short veil too. How to find out what’s the right choice for us?


One of the options is to try out the veil while we are wearing the dress. This way we will see if they go well together.




The length of the bridal veil

The wedding veils could be found in different sizes. To determine the right size, you should try on a few different veils. Here are the lengths:

  1. Cathedral length. They are most appropriate for regal dresses with a long train. This veil is supposed to be about 15cm below the end of the trail or 15cm longer than the end of the trail if you are wearing a mantle.
  2. Shoulder length. This type of wedding veil could be combined with almost every model of wedding dress. Usually one of its sides is placed afore the bride’s face.
  3. Elbows length. Normally, this length is appropriate for every kind of dresses. But it goes best with such that has no train or luscious skirts. It’s recommended for dresses that have ornaments and decorations on the waist, because the length will not cover them.
  4. Fingertip length. The veil reaches the fingertips of the bride’s hands. This length could be combined with all kinds of dresses. The only exceptions are the short dresses.
  5. Front veil. That is the part of the veil which covers the bride’s face before the ceremony and it is being uncovered by the bridegroom at the end of the ceremony. The front veil has a shoulder length, no matter of the length of the veil itself. Wearing a front veil is not only romantic, but also gives charm and beauty to the bride.


Diadem or tiara

Another thing you should pay attention to while you are choosing the veil is the tiara or the diadem, to which it is being attached. They both also depend on the wedding dress. If the wedding is more official – the accessories should be richly decorated. If the wedding is simpler, the bridal tiara or diadem should be with simpler details.


You should also decide where you are going to place the wedding veil. If it is going to be on the back of your head, you should pick something more simple and elegant. A tiara placed on top of the head looks better if it has a rich decoration. Do not forget that these accessories are being attached to the head with combs and hairpins.

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