Veil, tiara or diadem – the accessories for every bride. Part 2

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Useful advices for the bridal veil

  1. The color should go well with the dress. Do not choose ivory color if your dress is white, even if the difference between the colors seems really small to you. Choosing the same color (even if it’s white) is not easy, because it depends on the fabrics.
  2. The decoration of the veil should be pursuant with the decoration of the wedding dress. For example, if the dress has pearls on it, the veil should be decorated in the same way.
  3. Key the length of the veil to your figure. The tall ladies could afford to wear any lengths, but the shorter ones should choose a shorter veil which has waist length max. It’s recommended for the shorter ladies to wear a veil with two layers and get a lifted hairstyle for the wedding. This way they will optically look taller. In case you are taller than the groom, you should avoid elongated hairstyles and luscious veils.
  4. When you choose a veil and a tiara (diadem), make sure that you could handle their weight. Be aware of the fact that you will have to wear them for a very long time. You also should know that these accessories are attached with hairpins and combs and that creates discomfort too. If they are too heavy, they might ruin your hairstyle…and your mood.
  5. If you have decided to wear a luscious veil, but you think that you wouldn’t handle it through the whole wedding day, you could get a veil that could be taken off from the diadem (tiara) any time you want. This way, you could get rid of the veil right after the ceremony and feel free and comfortable to dance through the whole night.



Once, after you have already chosen your wedding veil, you could start thinking about the hairstyle. If you use the services of a professional hairstylist, it will be best if you take the veil with you when you are getting your sample hairstyle done. This way, you will for sure make the professional’s work easier and the hairstyle will be keyed to the veil.


If you are going to make your hairstyle on your own, spend some time training a few days before the wedding. The last thing you need is to experiment on the big day.



A few days before the wedding, hang your veil in a wardrobe in order to make sure that its folds will be gone on the big day. Keep it from sunlight and most of all from moths.


After the wedding attach it to the wedding dress and put them in a box in order to save them for your children.

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