Video of the wedding – what should we choose?

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Many people don’t have any idea how many options they have for a wedding video. We are not talking about the recording format or the style of the wedding video. Nowadays, there is such a wide range of wedding services on the market that we can not slightly imagine it.


Video invitation for the wedding

This kind of invitation is an interesting opportunity to surprise your wedding guests. The nice and original scenario and the colorfully decorated CD could make a good impression. By the way, this is also a good way of checking the skills of the wedding cameraman and figure out if he is the right person to deal with this job.


The history of your love

Filming the history of your love is another wedding service which you could order. It includes capturing your acquaintance in a very personal and unique way. This idea could be put into effect by making a video or a short. This is one of the most appropriate moments for the cameraman to show his skills by being creative with the scenario, the staging and the photography work. The success of the movie depends on the vision and the invisible relationship between you and your partner, and of course the abilities of the cameraman to capture all these things. Of great importance are his skills in order to deliver your feelings while making the video.


The pre-wedding walk

In this case we bring up a question about another wedding service which is pointed to the preparation of the wedding photos and the wedding video. You could use the captured material not only as a separated product, but also to round out your wedding album.


Complimentary video

The wedding video is the main service, because of which you hire a cameraman for your wedding. The capturing usually takes place on the wedding day, but there could be also some pre-wedding and after-wedding filming that follows a particular scenario. It’s good to be prepared for the fact that your best moments will be after the wedding.


The trailer for the wedding video

We bring up a question here about a real movie and its setting-up might take much time. The duration of the setting-up depends on the amount of the captured material, the ratio between the sample and the original material and also the number of people who are working in the team. But believe me it’s worth the waiting, because after that you will have something very original to show to your family and friends.


Wedding video

The wedding video has turned into something so ordinary, that often people think of it as something on default. This wedding service is put forth from almost every video director as a bonus service. Usually the wedding video is captured on the wedding day, but if you would like to capture it before or after the wedding, it won’t be a problem. This micro variant of your wedding could be made so lovely and attractive, that you would have the lust to watch it again and again. It’s not accidentally that people have said: “Brevity is the sister of talent.” If you want to, you could upload your wedding video on the Internet (youtube for example). In case you prefer a 3D slight show, you should discuss it with your video director. Many photography studios offer this service.

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