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In order to undergird the relationship between a couple, people give a special meaning to a day of the year and celebrate their life together on an anniversary. The celebrations and the wedding anniversaries have their names according to a particular number of years since the marriage.


  • 1 year – Cotton wedding.

It is called Cotton wedding, with the name of that simple textile, because it is         considered that a year after the ceremony, the celebration for the young couple has turned into a daily round.

  • 5 years – Wooden wedding.

Five years are a critical anniversary. The tradition requires that the couple exchanges some kind of wooden objects as a gift for each other.

  • 7 years – Copper wedding.

Seven years of the family life are celebrated. This anniversary is considered by many people as a critical point of a couple’s marriage. The tradition requires that the couple gift to each other copper coins or dishes. Some copper dishes should be bought for home.

  • 8 years – Tin wedding.

With this gloomy title, people named the 8th anniversary from the marriage. As a confirmation of the fact that family life revolves mainly around the kitchen and the prose of everyday life, spouses give to each other home dishes. Some shiny appliances should be bought for the kitchen.

  • 10 years – Rose wedding.

On this celebration usually are invited many guests, the godfathers, the bridesmaids in order to celebrate a decade from the wedding day. Some roses and other flowers are being gifted to the married couple and people usually dance with roses.

  • 13 years – Lace wedding.

This wedding anniversary is some kind of a warning which says: “Do not forget to undergird the glamour and the happiness in your wedding”. Some bedclothes are being bought.

  • 15 years – Glass wedding.

Fifteen years of family life. He and she give to each other glass objects by giving a meaning to all that. The relationships in one family should be clear and transparent as glass. Crystal objects are also bought for home.

  • 20 years – Porcelain wedding.

It is celebrated on the 20th year of family life. The lunch is served in new porcelain dishes as a sign that there are no dishes left from the old porcelain service. A porcelain service should be bought.

  • 25 years – Silver wedding

A quarter century – all family members gather on this celebration. The man and the woman give to each other a silver ring. Silver should be gifted.

  • 30 years – Pearl wedding.

Thirty years of family life is celebrated. The husband gives to his wife a pearl necklace.

  • 35 years – Linen wedding.

The 35th year of marriage is being celebrated by buying some linen covers and curtains for home.

  • 40 years – Ruby wedding.

The husband and the wife celebrate their 40th anniversary of their wedding. They have to give to each other a ruby – as a symbol of their love and dedication.

  • 45 years – Sapphire wedding.

The couple gives to each other a necklace, ring or bracelet with sapphire on it.

  • 50 years – Golden wedding.

Half a century of family life is celebrated on the 50th anniversary. The couple organize a second wedding to celebrate their love and dedication towards each other. Some golden jewellery is being exchanged.

  • 60 years – Diamond wedding.

The man gives to the woman a diamond ring or some other jewel with a diamond on it.

  • 70 years – Blessing wedding.
  • 75 years – Crown wedding.

To be 75 years next to the one you love – isn’t that the best gift of love and dedication that the couple has shared through all these years!

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