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The manicure is a really important part of the appearance of the bride. This is because on this day at the center of attention are the bride’s and the groom’s hands. During the preparation of this beautiful occasion, the manicure is not forbidden even for the groom (we are not talking about nail polishing here but for the whole appearance of the hands and nails). In this way the photos of the wedding rings on the bride’s and the groom’s hands could become really beautiful and memorable.


The manicure for the wedding is recommended to be made by a professional, because in this way it would take less time and it will also look amazing and last longer.


But making a manicure at home is not impossible. But you should be convinced that you have the skills and enough experience in making manicure.


If you are a lucky person and you have long, strong and healthy nails, it will be enough if you only shape them and put an appropriate color of nail polish on them. The shape of the nails for a wedding is usually classical – a little bit oval and rectangular.


The almond-shaped nails should be also rounded in the edges in order for them to look more delicate. The color of the nail polish should be in harmony with the make up and the whole appearance. The most popular colors for a wedding manicure are pink, beige, light purple, peachy and white.


Despite that, you need to key everything to your dress. If your dress has a bright color, your nails should be simpler. The decorations for nails on the wedding day should be delicate, simple and elegant.


If your nails are not long and strong enough, you could go to a manicure salon and make them look better by nail extension procedures.

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